15th Annual Northern Southern Winds Pow Wow

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This one of my favorite events of the year, I always look forward to attending. The new location at Los Angeles State Park is the perfect venue. Head over today around sunset for a spectacular view and to enjoy the beautiful culture of our indigenous brothers and sisters!

The Fifteenth Annual Northern Southern Winds Pow-Wow, “Honoring Our
Mothers” & “Recognizing No Borders,” taking place this coming May 7th, 8th, & 9th, 2010.
By way of exhibition dancing, singing, and food, Indigenous cultures throughout North, Central, and South America
will be showcased.
The Powwow will be held once again at the beautiful Los Angeles State Historic Park 1245 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.
The times are from 6pm to 10pm, Friday; 10am to 10pm, Saturday; and 10am to 6pm, Sunday

One thought on “15th Annual Northern Southern Winds Pow Wow

  1. I just googled the park, and on the map, it extends from Chinatown and Dodger Stadium all the way to the river. This goes over the neighborhoods and warehouses and that public housing project. Is this state park going to tear all that down?

    I looked at one document about the park, and they just had some plans to build a structure on the cornfields park, and an idea of how to connect the park to the river (and remove concrete and buildings).

    Does the map precede the territory, or what?

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