Resistance Is Fertile: I Got Your Deductions Right Here!!

Does your boss work less than you but take home a bigger paycheck? Is somebody zipping around in a private jet at your expense? If the corporation is making money at the end of the day, that means they’re not paying you the full value of your labor – that’s where corporate profit comes from! So if you need something in your workplace, take it. You earned it!

It could be a paper clip, or some cash out of the register, or full-on embezzlement. If you’re a barista, grab a bag of coffee; if you work at a garage, get a wrench set. If you’re unemployed, take something from someone else’s workplace! Unemployment works for the bosses, too – it forces people to take any job they can, and sends the message to other workers that if they don’t knuckle under they’ll be in for it too.

You could share it with your friends, or give it to your family – the family you never see because of your job. You could use it yourself, to do something you’ve always dreamed of – maybe something making use of all that potential you would fulfill if only you didn’t have to work for someone else all the time.

Steal something from work! Break down the divisions that separate you from your co-workers. Work together to maximize your under-the-table profit-sharing; make sure all of you are safe and getting what you need. Don’t let the boss pit you against each other – in the end, that only makes all of you more vulnerable. Build up enough trust that you can graduate from taking things from work to taking control of your workplace itself!

Chances are you already steal from your work – if not physical items, at least time on the clock. Good for you! But don’t stop there – think of how much more you could take, how much more you deserve.
(text by someone else. I “borrowed” it.”)

7 thoughts on “Resistance Is Fertile: I Got Your Deductions Right Here!!

  1. Groucho Marx had a dogma? Count me in. And I thought these videos were funny, silly me. To see how I really feel, see man at 00:22 of first video. My sentiments exactly.

  2. Damn, from my newfound perspective as a small business owner this post makes me really sad. I work hard, and I work long hours, to bring home very little money to my family. I try to pay the two guys that help me as much as i can afford, and it would break my heart to find out that they were taking cash out of the till. I know that your post is about larger businesses, and the power that being an “owner” has over the lives of others (and taking some of that power back), but for the small operators out there this attitude sucks.

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