My Comment As Post aka Long Live The Death Of L.A. Live

El Chavo’s L.A. Live Post Here

El Chavo is usually talking sense, except when he goes blasphemous by throwing some corporate cheez in tamales. But, on the subject of that staples center concrete wonderland, he has never been more spot on. his cold, calculating description is muzak to my eyes. Shiny cement cesspools. Is there any way around that? Parks and libraries getting shut down and these commercial camps get ballyhooed. But those are public, this is private! Huh? Just so cold and sterile. Remember when De La Soul said, “neighborhoods are now hoods, cuz nobody’s neighbors…” Well I do. It’s a brothel without the “fun,” even though patrons do get fucked one way or another. L.A. Live. Music, dining, sports, living? Whateverz, as RHS students say. The grey buildings and grey walls and grey floors and those giant televisions. “OMG, they put Christ Miss lights on the bald trees. What a nice detail.” I dont want my trees trimmed, or anything else trimmed. Let’s keep it real. “Hey, where you going?” Oh, to go watch television. Outside. Television? Outside?

You’re Killing Me

Acerbic naysayer? What are the solutions? What would you replace it with? What am I now, a city planner? Those assholes should be losing their jobs. Solutions? For starters, don’t be calling a concrete commercial center (or as their site claims, “a one of a kind entertainment campus,”) a haven. I’m not the one lying. Fuck you very much.

Who runs that dump? The Dutch East India Company?

I hope the Lakers and Kings lose. Everyday! Enjoy the video.

5 thoughts on “My Comment As Post aka Long Live The Death Of L.A. Live

  1. You had me with the Ministry song 😀 I second everything both CT and Chavo wrote and maybe I’ll write my own post about how much L.A. Lives sucks noodles or how I went to the Conga Room and it was a lame experience. Suck it L.A. Live

  2. Think “Freedom of Speech”, off the street. Given your mandate, I should never blog again—always the same thing. Speaking of which, for those of us who feng shui, are eco respectful, love nature, respect mother earth, want to heal the planet, recycle, and are derailed by noise pollution—-LA Live—daaaaamn! No need to barb wire it, we get the hint—we’ll stay out.

  3. My thoughts on L.A. Live. Live and Let live. They built something where before all you had was empty parking lots. Do i like it and all the coporate banners and large screens? No. I preferred going to Lamelle’s in downtown to watch a movie and Weilands for food and drink. Lamelle’s closed downtown so now Regal is the nearest theater. But like i said it was built where there was not much before not over Hollenbeck park. And if makes Los Angeles a more desirable location to host conventions, events and what not, let it be.

    Not sure what you guys would think of the latest proposals to build an NFL stadium near the location.
    I am a sports fan so i think it would be an interesting concept. Dont care much for hockey, but root for the Lakers and hoping they bring home another championship.

    And as to my comments about the blog. I mean no insult, but sometimes i would prefer a little bit more factual news and information. Thats what attracted me to this blog a year and a half a go. I was reading about stuff that was not being covered in the LA times or else where. Now i find myself going to the to read stories and articles about Boyle Heights,lincoln heights and East L.A. It great that this place serves as a forum for discussion and expression. But inbetween a the ranting and the raving, some update about whats going on in the hood would be nice.

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