Serving Notice: Learn to Decipher Maya Hieroglyphics

BL FLier

The Mesoamerican Society at Cal State L.A and co-sponsor the Art History Society at CSULA are sponsoring a Maya Epigraphy Workshop on February 19-21. The three-day workshop will be taught by Dr. Bruce Love, one of the world’s main epigraphers and translator of The Paris Codex: Handbook for a Maya Priest (Austin: University of Texas Press, 1994). These workshops generally cost hundreds of dollars but thanks to Prof. Love — who will be teaching this workshop for free — students can enroll for a minimum fee that will help defray the cost of workshop materials.

One thought on “Serving Notice: Learn to Decipher Maya Hieroglyphics

  1. Let me totally endorse the “Mayan linguist” credentials of Dr. Love. Bruce is the husband of an artist I work with, Stevie Love, and I’ve had the unique privilege of picking his brain on a number of occasions. He’s the real deal. If you’ve ever had an interest in either written or spoken Mayan language, this is a real opportunity.

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