Too much of a good thing


Normally, I don’t over do it when it comes to food. Moderation is key to enjoying good food or anything else in life, but that goes out the window on special occasions like the holiDAZE. I spent them with my fam this year and I forgot how much great food is cooked, for example baby lamb. They wanted to bring in the new year with some barbacoa, which is hard to find again since the guys on Breed St. had to relocate. With soo much great food around it’s easy to over do it and over do it I did. In fact, I had nightmares of being in a drive by and getting a beat down from women I’ve pissed off in the past. Freaky stuff to say the least. Even Victoria D. said she had the same experience from eating so much rich food. Anyone else had freaky dreams from all the good times they had these last few days ?

2 thoughts on “Too much of a good thing

  1. te entiendo RH, i think that its just part of our culture to pig out and then have nightmares lol. I remember as a lil kid spending navidades in Mexico, now thats something else. Everyone would get together at the hose and all of my tias would cook. It was a feast.

    You just cant turn your back in all those tamales, pozole, tacos etc. Plus you wouldnt want to offend any of your tias by not having a taste of what the cooked lol

    Salud por nuestra rica comida!! =)

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