My rosca miracle


I had my communist meeting today, of all days Dia de los Reyes, a day that in the Latino/a community is spent with family to close the holiday celebrations and to enjoy some rosca and chocolate. I didn’t know what time I would get home from my meeting and I didn’t want to miss out on the rosca. Good thing my friend called me last night and suggested I take one to the meeting, we would go half’ers on it. So as I make my way toward the Pavo Bakery on Chavez and Soto I notice that there is a small pile of nothing but roscas sitting on the counter. I look with amazement at their size as the aroma of freshly baked roscas charms me into hunger. At $6.50, I knew a small one would suffice for our meeting considering there won’t be that many of use there. A medium one cost $20 and it’s WAY too big. Too much rosca.

I asked the lady for a small one and she ever so kindly went to the back to look for one. When she came back she told the other ladies at the register that there are only three small rosca left and the other two are reserved. “Should I make sure that the one rosca isn’t reserved for anyone” she exclaimed in spanish. “Si” replied one of the other women. She went to the back and looked again. She told them again that it was in fact the last one and that it didn’t have a name on it. She went to the back one more time and brought the rosca to the counter. A lady next to me quickly looks at the rosca and ask that woman at the counter if she had any more small roscas, “no. That’s the very last one” she said in spanish. We both had a little laugh about me having the last one, I paid and thanked the women at the register. I took the bus to my meeting, said hi to everyone and shared the rosca with them. They loved it.

rosca 2

We used my friends pocket knife, which she previously used to cut aguacate, and tore into that rosca. She was the one to get the baby and I told her it’s an omen. “So does that mean I have to host the party on Feb 2 ?” she asked. “No. I means you’re gonna have a baby” I said. She looks at me with contempt and annoyed and says, “Yeah, like that’ll happen.” True story.

11 thoughts on “My rosca miracle

  1. Communism, as a secular form of government, didn’t give a rat’s ass for religious holidays, so it makes sense you had a communist meeting yesterday.

    Now, if communists really wanted to break with tradition, they’d switch to the French Republican Calendar. I hope everyone is enjoying Nivôse!

    /You were probably being sarcastic about the communist thing. I’m just pointing that out.

  2. but Victoria, everything old is hip again even ask the Silverlake hipsters. I see socialism being cool again in the 2010s.

  3. “I see socialism being cool again in the 2010s”.

    Cool like:
    -parachute pants
    -the Spice Girls
    -tribal band tattoos

    yes, just like that.

  4. Okay, I did not know that there was a Latino version the King Cake that my half a Creole ass grew up with. Nice!

    I’ll leave the Commie pro/con debate to the more political folks.

    Congrats to your friend who got the baby – good luck for 2010.

  5. Communism was atheist primarily because they were competing with churches to control the state.

    Before C got big, and it was utopian socialists forming communes in the countryside, there was a strong Christian tilt to communism. The Anabaptist religions (Quakers, Shakers, Amish, Mennonite) were living communally.

    That’s probably why some leftists use the term “scientific socialism”, to differentiate themselves from the religion based socialists… whom nobody really understands were communists anymore. I’m sure that by the late 1800s these communities went to pains to re-identify themselves as “communities,” like the “Mennonite community,” rather than communes.

    The split from religion was probably not necessary in the US, where the state was somewhat secular, and interdenominational-Protestant, but in Europe, where one state church was tight with the monarchs (there were state religions, the idea of divine right, etc) it probably mattered a lot. As Communism grew in Europe, toppling governments, the monarchs and churches sometimes allied with the Fascist movements to fight the Communists.

  6. tribal band tattoos? really? no way, those things were never cool and never will. I rather get and LA tattoo, that is cool!!! lol

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