12 thoughts on “Everyday in LA No.5

  1. Drivers look too old to be the typical Sunset nighttime cruising crowd. So I’m going with 6 AM commuter traffic heading eastbound, with the sunrise out of the shot due to the camera facing west. I’m guessing there’s some type of construction in the area making the traffic seem more congested than usual this early in the day. Sunrise Blvd. Ha ha. Where’s my office chair?

  2. Time for the homeless person sleeping on the bus bench right behind you to wake up. It’s also time for me to start hoofing it home instead of waiting for the damned #2 bus that stops right here!

    This is in front of my neighborhood Vons store…

  3. Time to open the stall door, say goodnight to the jefe and hope the carcancha starts up.

  4. chimatli’s 6pm guess was almost right on and she and Al had the location down but as this could be taken as a philosophical inquiry almost any answer would suffice.

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