Freeway Cats


If you’ve driven up the Pasadena Freeway lately you may have noticed these cats hanging around the asphalt, smiling stupidly as you speed by. And before you know it, yer smiling stupidly as well when you spot the next one, peeking out behind that bush or on the other side of the bridge. Cheap thrills. A tiny visual break from the regular dose of mundane. It’s similar to  Leo Limon’s River Catz, though I guess these would be Arroyo Gatos. I was able to snap a few pics from a moving vehicle, click ahead to check out a few of the others.


Oh, I forgot to mention that this is graffiti. Terrible, terrible, vandalistic graffiti.


Look at all that adorable law breaking!


Awwwwwwww! Que cute! I love vandalism! I mean cats, yeah, cats.


Hooray! We spot one more gatita at play!


Ok, this one has gone too far. That cat is obviously stoned, and that’s illegal and cannot be condoned. Unless it has a special medical card. Which is really just a legal loophole for buying pot anyways. But is that legal for cats? And wait just a minute, isn’t grafitto still illegal?  How can vandalism be so cute? Maybe we should just legalize graffiti, but that would be really bad for graffiti. Hmm, this is getting complicated. Nevermind, here comes the next kitty…

32 thoughts on “Freeway Cats

  1. They are popping up on the north side of the 10 just east of downtown, too. Meow!

  2. This is the work of hipsters? Well finally they contribute something worthwhile to the community!
    BTW, my anti-spam word was “tag it”, who comes up with these clever words?

  3. LOL. that is pretty clever. I know a kid that tags “leche” & he draws Milk Cartons. But you didnt hear it from me… =O

  4. People have speculated that it’s MIDZT. But this would be a departure from his usual stuff. These were done over the last two weeks from York Blvd. to Cal State LA along the freeways. Also spotted at 3rd & Main, and Monterey Rd. in South Pasadena.

    My guess it’s a Art Center College of Design dropout.

  5. “My guess it’s a Art Center College of Design dropout.”

    Finally putting mommy and daddy’s money to good use! If they throw some decent theory behind it they can add it to their portfolio.

  6. I assume it is a girl, not to steretype, but they generally do the “character in lieu of a name” stuff. Whoever did them is bombing pretty hard, since the whole bombing a pic thing is generally done by hipsters or other annoying types, it does bug me a bit (like wheat pasting), but it is also cool to take a design of a mono or whatnot to the other level in the medium of graff and I respect that. i know my last 2 sentences noted females do the bulk of character bombing, and then that that whole thing is kind of annoying; but I in no way meant to bash female writers. I got the utmost respect for folks who break the mold in a boys’ club, such as blosm, petal and others including someone contributing here. I remember tribe bombing my highschool back in 96′, one of my first writing crime partners (who also taught me the nuances of streak/marker on round pole) was a eastlos girl writer named “bres” (clever too because she was voluptuous).

    Anyways, that gatitos person is bombing hard, and they got pretty dope can control. I thought it might be a down ass eastlos chica, but there is a piece in Lil Tokyo that wreaks of hipster creation. I dont dig rich white kids getting validity by acting “ghetto”, but the person responsible for these cats i pretty solid.


  7. Hey Francisco, I have seen that name somewhere … ah! I remember!

    Right near the corner of Workman and Manitou in Lincoln Heights there is a tag that reads “SOY LECHE”. That made me laugh for months and months every time I passed by.

  8. Almost all of the cats south of Highland Park on the 110 were painted over by Caltrans yesterday. Only a few remain on the southbound side in Highland Park by Via Marisol.

    Made for a sad commute 🙁

  9. about a year ago i saw something very similar along the 10 frwy in the westside. They had these cute vampires all along the freeway pillars. I was never sure if they were made out of paper and pasted on to the pillars or if it was actual spray paint.

    Dona junta is right, i dont think that hipsters would be down to do it.

    Did Limón ever get fined or anything like that for tagging the river? Everyone knew, i wonder if the city ever approached him to complaint

  10. It’s cool to see that there are still true graffiti artists out and about Los Angeles. It reminds me of 80’s & early 90’s graffiti out of control all over L.A. but in a way it made the city more interesting. Now it’s to plain it’s nice to see this type of art/creation once in a while. About the hipsters thats all they are hipsters it takes guts/balls and dedication to do this type of art. Remember it’s breaking the LAW? So is this person a outlaw or an artist? Hmmm!

  11. man u muthafuckerz have no clue i know whosss bustin these cats every where itz a graff writer dumb asses

  12. I’m going cat spotting today. Thanks for the tips on where to look.

    This is an awesome CAPTCHA. My word was “hipster.”

  13. KTLA had a news story on last night that showed police arresting who they thought was the guy who did these. Their case seemed to hinge upon a cat drawn in dust on one of the windows of his last rented place…which sounds very sketchy to me.

  14. hi, me and my brother love these cats, and are well supportive of atlas, so my brother [a writer of 10 years] has been making original free atlas t shirts, for adults, children, and pets. so if you love atlas like we do contact me and we’ll give you a shirt.

  15. facebook. remember “bart”. lol. thanks for getting it back up. peace.

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