11 thoughts on “¡Bravo¡ LoLa ¡Bravo¡: And Now – A Word From OUR Sponsor

  1. How did my old Mitsubishi Diamond Vision TV get over there? Nowadays you can’t leave an old tv or old electronics out on the curb. Sure enough in less than 30 minutes it gets gutted out for its metals. That photo reminds me as a kid walking up and down the alleys of Boyle Heights and we use to bash the tv tubes watching the tubes implode, take off the speakers, unwind coils and string them across the street waiting for unsuspecting cars to pass by. Only damage to the cars were broken antennas and windshield wipers.

  2. Javi – those were the days. I remember stringing fishing wire across the street with soda cans tied to both ends and hiding in bushes waiting for cars to go by and hit the wire and we would laugh like crazy as the cans rattled down the street.

  3. Hey Frank you are correct, we were traviesos but “pinchi” sometimes. BTW, during the 70’s to the early 80’s CB radio craze we had a CB Club. At least one house in each block or so had a cb radio either in your car or a home base radio. Guess what the name of the club was? “ELA Traviesos” That era is another Eastside story to tell.

  4. You know what sucks? Up until a few months ago you could take all these abandoned t.v.s to this recycler in Monterey Park and get a few bucks each (depending on the weight, I once got $5 for a big one). Then the state cut the program and now there is reportedly only one recycler who takes t.v.s for cash and they are down in LBC and they don’t pay much and they only deal in bulk.

    For a while there these t.v.s wouldn’t sit on the sidewalk very long at all. Sometimes I would be driving somewhere and see one on the other side of the road and be like “that’s a $2 t.v., I’ll get that on my way back,” and then ten minutes later I would cruise by and it would be gone. Then, almost overnight, I noticed t.v.s everywhere and they were sitting for days. I thought I was just lucky and that la crisis wasn’t so bad after all. Then I got the news when I showed up at the recycler to collect on these lucky t.v.s. They still take them but they don’t pay, thus lots more t.v.s sitting on the sidewalk till they get totally smashed and some fed up old person just puts in their trash bin.

  5. dunno if the ritual has survived the passage of time, but that pic was taken mere feet from where all the coaches and parents would congregate for a few post-little league/flag football, ahem, adult beverages and watch games on portable TVs back in the 70s/80s. that busted up boob-tube could very well be the result of a bad ref call……

  6. those tvs deserve it. talking all that shit, out with you! “she watch channel zero!” this one was out there for a couple of days. I took a shot on a monday and on tuesday it was gone. yes, i just stepped over it, in my uncaring manner. too bad, as pitbullgirl points out, you now can’t cash in these useless boxes. these tv corpses are everywhere. let the slaughter continue!

    yes, that is right by the spot where “coaches” and “parents” would put down some bud tall cans while feigning support for their kids. you could barely see the game from there, especially when catching a buzz. i would hang out there for awhile, just too much beer, might as well stay at home. you couldn’t see shit from there. reminds me of “families” that go to shakey’s for “dinner” on friday and it’s really to get a pitcher or 5. go raiders!

  7. “reminds me of “families” that go to shakey’s for “dinner” on friday and it’s really to get a pitcher or 5. go raiders!”

    Haha, the Shakey’s on Atlantic was notorious for these family nights. Shakey’s is horrible now, they never should’ve gotten rid of those medieval colored windows.

  8. The picture provides all the evidence we need to justify a fence around City Terrace Park: to keep the televisions sets out. Bravo to our enlightened leaders on the County Board of Supervisors.

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