1. Hahaha @ Ritzy y La Crisis!

    My employer is just beginning to implement their plans to shrink their workforce and budget and cut pay and work hours. I don’t see the economy getting better. The improvements they often mention are based on the faith that the economy must get better but they are only creating more of the bubbles that got us in trouble the last time.

  2. if your a college student, state worker, city worker you ain’t even seen the worse yet. La Crisis is the gift that keeps on taking

  3. I don’t understand why Obama doesn’t just cut every American a thousand dollars each. Bush gave Americans a couple of stimulus checks, and nobody complained and cried “socialism”, even though that’s exactly what it was.

  4. cause its okay if Republicans do it, just not the Democrats. Plus Bush was on his last year, he could have been clubbing baby seals and grilling bald eagles no one would have cared. Obama and Congress still have to pander to their pundits and special interest.

  5. “nobody complained and cried “socialism”

    -exactly, why would socialists cry “socialism”?, if I remember correctly, the checks didn’t come fast enough according to San Fran Nan.

    One time stimulus checks given directly to Americans at the downturn of economies…. thank you!

    Completely overhauling the healthcare system into what will eventually turn into a single payer system…. no thank you.

  6. Che, what I really meant was that right wingers weren’t crying socialism when Bush was doling out stimulus checks to the common folk. No complaints from FoxNews, Rush, the usual suspects, and not to mention the tea party weirdos. Imagine their fake outrage if Obama announced monday that he was cutting everyone a check? That was my point. And yeh, I didn’t mind Bush’s stimulus checks, and you’re damn right I spent them. Only thing he did right in his entire presidency.

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