It ain’t Christmas without Tamborazo

Tamborazo Milpillas de la Sierra

Sadly, I heard no tamborazo echo through the neighborhood last night. Perhaps due to La Crisis, I hear less mariachis, tamborazos or other live music at the parties that dot the Eastside during these holiday times. Well, thankfully for Youtube, I can listen to tamborazo this morning. For me, it’s not Christmas without tamborazo and I’m not even from Zacatecas! Seriously, I should have been up drinking ponche and dancing to that crazy bass drum all night! Que lastima…

By the way, this group is from right here in Lincoln Heights. They have a cool little van they travel around in with their name stylishly painted on the side in Mexican blackletter.

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11 thoughts on “It ain’t Christmas without Tamborazo

  1. LOL!! I think tamborazos is a Mazatlan thing—not meant for all. We saw a posada pass by El Rinconcito del Mar on Wednesday night—sweet!

  2. mmm Tamborazo isn’t a Mazatlan thing. Mazatlan=Sinaloa=Banda Sinaloense (for staters, Tuba, Clarineta, no Sax, and a lot bigger). Tamborazo is a zacatecas thing (Durango likes it too). I’ve heard two different ones since last Saturday, maybe the more rural SFV is doing better w/ la crisis.

    Milpillas is the shit BTW. Those new members are newer cats, they been around though, I have their tapes from the early 90s. U wanna talk about “indie” scene and music…don’t leave out the tamborazos, Jerez 75 etc etc.

  3. not to mention those trumpet riffs. Let’s see: We got a cinder block wall, one vato in a cholo belt straight 1st Street Store style, 2 drummers!!, buckets of ice and soda?, a bass drum dude with a crazy veterano moustache smashing some cymbals, what is not to like?
    That bass drum is a drug! One of those guys gots to be named Juan Bonham.

  4. Metro,
    I don’t think Lincoln Heights is as Mexican as it used to be, perhaps that’s why I don’t hear as much live music as before. I was out in your neck of the woods recently and yeah, it’s very ranchero! 😉 Lucky you!
    In fact, now that I think about it. I think Milpillas might have moved too. I haven’t seen their van for awhile and the few houses where I think they lived seem empty. Thanks La Crisis, you just had to go and ruin everything.

  5. “Mariachi does nothing for me, well maybe like 5 songs max, and then i have to be drunk…”

    Dude, I am so with you on that. Some of my friends have actually gotten mad at me for not LOVING mariachi. Like you said, a few songs are okay but then…

    Los 500 Novillos *are* the shizzle and I noticed they have an album too. I’ll make a pilgrimage to the swapmeet to see if I can find it. Last time I was at the Rosemead swapmeet I picked up a couple “Que viva La Tambora” CDs. They are perfect for pissing off your non-tamborazo loving neighbors especially if your stereo system has lots of bass.

    I thought this comment left on Los 500 Novillos Youtube page was funny:

    “Fuck durangese…zapatiar all over the foo’s”

  6. yeah, its like blasphemy to say that about mariachi. i find it borderline depressing…..and mofo’s think Chente is like the end all of embracing Mexican and agrarian culture. Psssst.

    I think Zacatecanos need to have a Tamborazo Plaza or something in LA as well, be all defiant about it. You can just pull up and Load dudes on the back of the pickup truck…”agarrense cabrones!” Mobile banda aka BandaMovil

    Thats how they used to do up in Zac, “foos be cruising” with them THOMP THOMP THOMP THOMP THOMP & then drinking as you cruise–the shizzle. But then they passed ordinances in different municipalities, you can’t load them on top anymore.

  7. BTW, I think you Chimatli should do a piece on TAMBORA ART. ALl the different types of fonts & paints on those Tamboras. Cuernos de Chivo (assaulf rifles), Cows, etc etc. I’m sure theres a guy/gal that has sh** on lock down, like the guy in East Los/Northeast LA w/ the graffiti signage.

  8. its milpillas all the way i remeber growing up to the tamborazo beatz each year my dad F.J.P (R.I.P) would take us down to milpillas and he would da tamborazo to play at our house for 4 or 5 hours non stop does where da good old days i still love that tamborazo music and i think i will till i die

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