County Razors


Its always the little things. Those seemingly trivial daily indignities take on a whole different layer of importance once its framed within a context. For example, behind bars. The fact that someone would take the time after being let out to make us aware that the razors in county really suck, then you know it must be a unique shaving experience. Yet another reason to hold off on that unscheduled large withdrawal from the bank. Well, for a little while at least. Still, an effective public warning to the pelones.


I have a hard time believing this is an ALZA contribution, no doubt he just added his “presents” tag. But maybe he’s getting creative these days?


He did come up with a fairly good anti-ghost campaign. Is he changing his style?


Ah, that’s more like it!

10 thoughts on “County Razors

  1. county razors DO suck, and for some reason they make your stubble come out faster and thicker than normal razors.

    Theyre the shitty white plastic ones that are found real cheap at swapmeets.

    And the county deodorant is even worse, it makes you smell funkier after the first application.

  2. i think his going through a renaissance or something cause he’s crazy prolific lately

    yeah, he breathed new life into that ghostbusters logo. pretty fresh.

  3. Sorry to go off-topic, but that auto repair place that Alza and his buddies took over – that place is amazing.

    I took an old Indian rickshaw there to get repaired and the guy worked on it for a few days. They straightened the rear axle and pressed in some sealed bearings that are bomb-proof. Total cost was $100 (hey, it was all custom work). Whenever I ride by on my bike I get shouts and waves from the dudes there (most of whom ride old mountain bikes to work).

    I like how some blank walls are now getting bombed, and staying up, in the area. Hopefully, the anti-graf whiners in the neighborhood will continue to leave this stuff alone – it is so much nicer than all the bullshit ES CLOVER/EASTLAKE/blah blah blah/super soaker tag stuff that contributes nothing to my commute.

    Good job Alza? (*shivers*)

  4. The mural makes the point that county jail razors suck. It doesn’t beg for better razors, or even criticize the criminal justice system. Just says the razors suck. That’s all.

  5. Well the razors do suck in the county especially in CJ and if you can get your hands on one in the Twin Towers you’re a lucky man,as for Wayside ,they’re abundant there .They are the single blade one use if shaving your hair but dont forget to cut the guard out first it’ll be quicker you just gotta make sure you or the one shaving you dont cut you hahahahaha.

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