In the spirit of not giving away all our cool restaurants, spaces and bars in the Eastside I’m challenging you in Blogotitlan to tell me what is the name of this place. The first one to get it right will get a lil something I brought back from Guanajuato.

Ok, here we go.
– It has been around for over 35 years
– It has an eclectic menu that includes: pizza, fish tacos, cheesecake, and lentil soup
– the serve beer too!
– one of their specials is called “The Chicano Special”
– their slogan includes “worth driving for”

tell me….

4 thoughts on “Contest!

  1. i only knew this one ’cause i recently re-discovered king cole pizza with my wifey and picked up a to-go menu. we had the veggie pizza with the super fresh tomatoes.

    they’re online these days too:

    i love this quote from their “about us” page:
    “Not everything at King Cole Pizza is healthy but we make it up with Rich Flavor and Great Taste.”

    now you know you can’t go wrong!

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