Rastros y Crónicas, New Exhibit at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago


Yes, I agree with the curator of Rastros y Crónicas , we need gender equality. As one of the artists in this exhibit, I am grateful for the latest addition of the National Museum of Mexican Art to this struggle for justice in Ciudad Juarez, now in its 16th year. However, I am not sure why this is a Mexican woman or Latina matter as portrayed by the curation of this exhibit.  Many of the artists who have been diligent with touring protest exhibits (on Juarez) throughout Mexico and here on the west coast are males.  I understand the aesthetics of exhibits–but what a powerful statement we make—when we are all united as one to speak out publicly against injustices. We cannot ask the world culture towards women to change, when we (ourselves) are not equal in our actions and everyday practices.

Rastros y Crónicas, Exhibit at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago

Opening Reception October 16, 2009, 6-8 pm
Exhibition runs through February 14, 2010

The Rubín and Paula Torres Gallery and The Kraft Gallery

Since 1993, more then 500 women have been killed
in Ciudad Juárez in the northern Mexican state of
Chihuahua. For some time now, Mexican and Mexican
American artists have been sensitive to the subject
of Women of Juarez and have worked on diverse
projects to share their perspective on this disturbing
situation.  read more

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