7 thoughts on “The educational pipe line

  1. this is over at ELAC right?

    Damn it sure doesn’t look like its changed much..still those classrooms- filled to the rim with students..damn!

    I sure don’t miss any of that.

  2. scenes like this were probably made worse due to the cancellaton of all those summer classes in the laccd.

  3. Husky Pride!
    Not to sound elitist, but I always preffered the PCC campus for classes when I had the choice. I was attending JCs during the governator’s first wave of screwing schools to fix the budget back in 01-2′ and had to jump back and forth several semesters to get General eds when classes dwindled. The hard part is having to take a full 12 unit boat at either school and then another class or 2 at the other school if that was where the only opening was, and at ELAC they always fucken lose your shit.
    Your high end math is much easier at ELAC, my class was in the pool gym and we had to cancel class several times for loud ass competitions (with only a door between us and the yelling) and water coming in class. We also had a baby shower for a student and I was literally the only guy in the class. but PCC classes seemed much better, more fun and the campus was a hell of a lot more college like. my lil sis is going to both schools right now. Plus theyre only a 260 bus ride away.

    The shittier bungalows were by the southeast end of the school where the new building is now, some of them smelled like piss.

  4. I went to school in Rancho Palos Verdes, and we were crammed into the same shitty portables, 40-50 students at a time. No AC, no windows, everyone on top of one another. Ugh.

  5. Art,
    The governator wasn’t in office in 2001-02. Actually, that was before the budget cuts to higher ed and subsequent fee increases really started to kick in.

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