Debora Iyall, Sept 3 at the Knitting Factory


Debora Iyall

My Debora Iyall from Romeo Void post came back to life just in time for some some good news for LA based Debora fans.

She is playing a show at the Knitting Factory this Thursday (September 3.)  Her band includes Peter Dunne, Frank Zincavage and Dave Scheff.

Wire Train and Translator will also be playing.

I know this is LA and there is alot going on, but how about going to a traditional new wave show, though possibly putting traditional in front of new wave is a bit odd, but you know what I mean.

-Browne Molyneux

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5 thoughts on “Debora Iyall, Sept 3 at the Knitting Factory

  1. Browne,
    You got me all nostalgic and wishing I was in Los Angeles right now. I remember seeing Romeo Void at a bar near where I lived back in 1981. I had just moved to San Francisco from Illinois and it was possible back then to live in San Francisco on a general assistance check, food stamps and shoplifting, and even go to the occasional show at a bar (I paid $80 rent)… Romeo Void was a great, energetic band and I would love to see what Debora Iyall ia up to these days.

  2. I wish I had been old enough to do fun stuff in the 80s. It seemed like such an awesome period. I remember my older sisters going out and going to clubs in Hollywood and I was so excited to get old enough to do all of the cool things they did, but by the time I got old enough to do anything everything was dead.

  3. I always wonder how things were back then, sure ppl can tell you and you can assume how cool the 80’s were but the only way to really know is by being there. The 90s totally sucked ass and now the 00s are fun but with all this problems a young adult has to confront, you hardly get to enjoy it because the stress is always on ur shoulders. How I wish I was an 80’s teen.

  4. “I might like you better if we slept together”!! I wondered what happen to that girl—and that voice.

  5. As one who was there in the 1980s, I can say that I had a good time. I encountered and was inspired by a lot of daring and creativity… but I also realized recently that I am generally a relatively happy person (NOT a “positive” person–I am negative about the society we live in on a broad level, which is why I am an anarchist–and cynical about most of the so-called “resistance” to it which seems so compromised, but I am generally happy, because I have managed, as a “poor” person, to find creative ways to live y life against the mainstream in small ways with good friends), so perhaps I have a skewed view on that time. but forme they were full, creative and formative times. The present seems to me like a time of impoverished imagination and creativity more sothan any other time I’ve lived through, but I see it as a challenge.

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