Cemitas La China Poblana


I’ve driven by this place enough times, thinking to myself that I should really give it a try some day. Today was that day, just cuz I remembered and had nothing else to do. Plus we really need more food reviews on this site, don’t you think? I’m calling you out, compas!  Siganme los hambrientos!


This place has a big fancy looking green awning, and some fancy seats even, but it’s just a casual place where you walk up to a window and place your order. You can barely see the person on the other side. And the “menu” only lists some meats, I guess it’s a one item shop with your choice of ingredient. I don’t partake in chunks off of animals so I scanned for some veggie option. Way at the bottom, a queso blanco option. Careful to not get the “queso de puerco” which is headcheese aka animal bits in a gelatin block. Yuck!

Wait a minute, isn’t most queso blanco? Whatever, I placed my order and paid $5.50 for my cemita and a tamarindo Jarritos. I guess it’s not that bad of a price. And then I sat down and took this spy pic of the  dining area. It looks empty now but it had filled up by the time I left.


They have some of those weird and creepy Italian-ish chef statues that seem to be showing up all over the place. Shudder. I was gonna get up and take a better from-the-front pic but ehh, it’s too hot today. A long time ago this place used to be a Tommy’s and of course, I never went there. I mean really, that chili shit looks just like, uhh, something. I guess I prefer a cemitas place.

They don’t give you a number or any sort of receipt, they just call out what you ordered. The “cuatro milanezas” person never showed up, that was weird. The Cha Cha’s that ordered 2 de milaneza and 1 de pollo were ahead of me so I had some way to gauge when mine was coming up. “Una de queso blanco”, came the cry over the intercom. Did people start looking at me funny as I made my way to the pick up window? It kinda felt that way. No worries, in my many days trying to order non-meat food on the Eastside, I’ve learned a thing or two about handling my biz.


My $5.50 meal. Damn, that’s alot of cheese! I’ve had cemitas before, this one looked nicer. But despite the overflowing queso panela, there’s not much else happening on this sandwich. The bread is good and toasty with sesame seeds, and theres a layer of avocado underneath, some pickled jalapenos and a few onions, but that’s it. Sure, cemitas are a fine lunch sandwich, but I can’t get over the thought of eso es todo? I almost got up and asked for some salsa, but it was too hot today. Beside, maybe they don’t have any.


A close up. Cemitas are a specialty of Puebla, and it’s cool that we can get them here now. Most people were ordering the milaneza, since that’s what kept coming out of the intercom. Maybe those make some sense, but I will have to let others find this out. But I’ve yet to be sold on a cemita. It’s a decent tasting sandwich, but it has nothing on a torta.

I guess I’ve just committed myself to doing a torta review. No worries, I know just the place. Pronto, gente, pronto.


There’s lots of parking. That’s worthy of note.

Cemitas La China Poblana
3568 Whittier Blvd
Los Angeles, Ca 90023

6 thoughts on “Cemitas La China Poblana

  1. I’ve been wanting to try this place ever since I saw cemitas on mattbites.com a few months ago. Thanks for the review – I may stop by this weekend for the carnitas.

  2. Cemitas de milanesa con quesillo are the best. My favorite locale is Cemitas Mi Magdalena on Indiana near the Pomoma Freeway, state highway 60. They’re from the same pueblo my parents are from in Puebla and their fare is the best. While there, don’t forget to try the Tacos Arabe! However, nothing compares than eating a cemita along with some cerveza Indio or Victoria while cheering the local club, Puebla FC at the Estadio Cuauhtemoc in Puebla City’s workingclass Eastside. Arriba los Camoteros!!!

  3. “A long time ago this place used to be a Tommy’s and of course, I never went there. I mean really, that chili shit looks just like, uhh, something”

    Ah que cabron eres Chavo! You wanna be a verduero pos su vida es tuyo, esta bien con migo, pero, don’t go dogging Tommy’s Compa, I been eating Tommy’s chili cheese burgers for 40 years and IMHO at 2 AM when your coming from a dance or party or whatever, medio pedo, hungry, and don’t want to wake up crudo the next morning, there’s no better medicina than a couple of Tommy’s chili cheeseburgers with a bironga (Or a diet pepsi).
    When one looks at food and thinks caca or pipi instead of “a la chingada! Whew am I glad Tommy’s stays open almost all night”, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.
    Leave opinions on hamburgers and meat to the meat eaters and they’ll leave opinions on vegatarian fare to the vegans.
    Ya Estufas!

  4. thank you poblanos for the cemita! milanesa is the best way to go. then come the choices: quesillo or queso fresco? chipotle or jalapeño? plenty of aguacate y con papalo por favor.

    this place is good, but my spot is the troka that parks at atlantic/hubbard… cemitas, mole, quesadillas de flor de calabaza or huitlacoche with tortillas hechas a mano. again, thanx poblanos!

    this place was a mariscos spot before cemitas, and of course tommy’s before that. it wasn’t related to “original tommy’s” though… i remember when they cut a slice from the top of the “o” in the tommy’s sign… to make it tummy’s and possibly avoid legal issues.

    that wall in the background of the pic at the top used to look like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/37260299@N05/3433636036/

  5. Correction it was a tUmmys, the O never connected, thats how they avoided any form of infringement lawsuit.

    thanks for the review

  6. Sesosfritos, goes to the same spot I go to right in front of the laundromat on Atlantic and Hubbard. This spot is legit for the Cemitas. Tortas and Cemitas are two very different animals you really can’t compare the two, but if you want hit up a good spot you go here to get a proper Cemita.

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