Name changin’

I admit that at times I can be the most dense person in the world and miss a few details every now and then. Proof of that is in my post when I misspell and omit words. So yesterday afternoon I noticed something out of the ordinary had changed, the name of this auto body shop.

It was know as Erick’s Auto Service but all of a sudden they change their name to METRO Auto Shop. What’s up with that ? Are they trying to cash in on the Goldline coming in ? Or is it coincidence ? I don’t know.

Another random thing I noticed was this ad for air conditioning service with the Polar Bear and Eskimo being the best of buds. Kinda weird if you ask me but nothing says freezing temperatures like a Polar Bear and an Eskimo. Something else I noticed on the Eskimo…

He either REALLY loves going Metro or Metro is the name of something he really loves. Looks like the Goldline is changing they way things are and the way people think, by kissing up to them. After what happened this Sunday, I say screw Metro. Not only do 2 buses pass by that are local lines, going through Downtown only and taking more than hour, I say screw Metro. Ohh and that temporary line, the 635 isn’t doing anything but wasting resources. No one rides that line because the 30/31 are the main lines everyone rides. Not only that, every time I see a 635 it’s always empty. Seriously. I know things happen and the Goldline had to be pushed back a month or two, last time I heard it was opening in September, but come on. This completes my rant.

2 thoughts on “Name changin’

  1. Yeah this dude jumped on the bandwagon! he should of kept it real! just like people with business on Cesar Chavez who still have Brooklyn in their name.

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