Poppies and Bears

My grandfather Atanasio Garcia, circa 1940

While going through my grandmother’s family photos, I came across a few prints that had this curious commemorative Los Angeles border. They look to be some kind of souvenir stock for the 1932 Summer Los Angeles Olympics. One of the symbols is the Los Angeles Coliseum which I imagine was quite the accomplishment for our city during this time. I also like the motif of the bears and poppies.

The Games of the X Olympiad started almost exactly 76 years ago on July 30, 1932 here in Los Angeles.

6 thoughts on “Poppies and Bears

  1. Que hombre tan sharpe!
    Thanks Chimatli, my own Grandfather Salas Carlos “Charlie” Trujillo was in LA when the 1932 Olympics were held. My Grandmother told the story of Grandpa Charlie attending the 1932 boxing matches at the Olympic Auditorium, and during the fights the 1932 massive Long Beach earthquake hit. It had everyone (even the boxers in the ring), running for the exits scared shitless.
    During the next couple of days the family drove down to Long Beach to see the destruction, my Great Grandmother, who was from the mountain pueblos of New Mexico and Colorado, and couldn’t speak a word of English,just couldn’t believe all the “valuable” furniture and other household items that were laying in the street after being launched out of the apartments there by the earthquake. Seems VisAbuela started loading this shit into the car and was arrested for looting by the jura.
    She got off with slap on the wrist and a lecture on taking illegal loot from the street.
    An old family story still told once in while, thanks for the jolt in memory.
    BTW, our families sure seem similar in many ways.

  2. Dang DQ, you have the BEST stories! Your great grandmother sounds like one cool lady!
    Most of the early photos I have of my grandfather show him looking real sharp and always in front of his prized possessions, his cars.
    During WW2, while my grandfather was off fighting in Germany, my grandmother sold his brand new car and used the money to buy a house for her and their newborn baby. He was quite angry when he got home and realized his prized auto was gone but soon realized my grandmother made a wise investment. At least three generations of our family has lived in the house since.

  3. DQ – I think the Long Beach earthquake happened in March, 1933.

    Maybe there was another temblor a year earlier that scared those folks in 1932.

  4. Thanks for the correction Dennis, March of 1933 it was. I guess some members of my family wanted to distance themselves as far away as possible from the fact that my Great Grandmother got busted for looting lol.

    Chimatli, your Grandma sounds like she was a wise woman,(and your family stories are always a delight), in fact three generations of your family living in the same house that was purchased for the price of Grandpa’s carucha proves she was a wise woman.
    Many women found out how strong they really were during those war years, both my Grandmothers were “Rosie the Riveters” during the war years, they both worked at Douglas Aircraft and found out how strong and independent they could be. This experience was a huge moment of change for not only Mexican American women but women of all ethnicity’s.

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