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First impressions are everything and let me tell you, Tierra Mia Coffee left me wanting more. It just sucks that it’s in South Gate, not that there’s anything wrong with South Gate lol, it’s a little too far off my regular route here  Boyle Heights. So how did I end up in South Gate in the first place ? Well I was on my way to malandrinas show a few weeks back, which was totally awesome and I ended up going to go check out the coffee house with my date. And because my friend works there and he would hook it up. You know how I do. While I only took a quick pic of my chocolate chip muffin and Horchata Frappe, the place was awesome. I was joking with the bartistas that I was glad to be in  a coffee house where grande meant large. The place just had a great vibe to it. I didn’t outta feel outta place or like I was getting the stinky eye, like when I roll with friends to a crapbucks or shitty bean. It reminded of my P3000’s post about not having certain foods in the barrio. I WOULD LOVE for Tierra to come to Boyle Heights and East Los. Then I wouldn’t have to go to Highland Park to Antigua for free wifi. There is a need for a great coffee house here on the East side and after visiting Mi Tierra, I WANT MY COFFEE and WIFI. Hold the gentrification.

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  1. What’s cracking with that is goodness son. Whadaya know about that ?

  2. If not for the fact that it’s a coffeehouse (I hate the smell of coffee) and I can’t sit outside because of traffic on Firestone, I’d be there more often.

  3. Arctic Hotspot does give free wifi if you ask for the 2Wire password. And there’s a new place opening up by Mariachi Plaza on First. I think it’s called Primera Taza. Looks like it’s opening soon. Don’t know anything about it.

  4. That Horchata Frappe looks worthy RH! And I hope it was potent, as well. In my errant days… Being pre-Starbucks (in LA), and pre-Chief Daryl Gates – I liked to enjoy back then, a ‘World Class’ cup of Winchell’s coffee (yea@#!) with a glazed Twist and then round it off nicely with a couple of Molly’s (pharmaceutical) ta’ put that spring into your step and paint the day.

  5. I’ve been to the artic hot spot and it’s a great place but those high school kids get ON MY NERVES !!! Mocosos. I can never get anything done. I need a mote grown up place. I’m waiting to see what primera taza brings to the table. Also I heard down the grape vine that Tierra wants to expand. They tell me ye owner has rich city council members knocking down his door to open up a new spot in their town.

  6. Tierra Mia is a beautiful spot and if it weren’t for my unemployment and so much time on my hands and this website I wouldn’t have gone there on such a whim! I had the Rice and Beans frappe which was a blend of the Horchata and Mexican coffee frappe. The baristas were also very welcoming to me and my buddy there for the first time. Excellent customer service.

  7. that’s cool i also like to support the independents/the mom and pop shops.

    But i do have to disagree with you about Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf..they are way better than Starbucks.
    It helps that they are a regional chain and was started locally on the westside of LA in the 1980’s.
    Try the ice blended Banana Caramel sure damn tastes like Bananas Foster!

    Here locally when i cant get to my closest CBTL at Mednik/3rd st.
    I go to the Daily Brew in Montebello at the Montebello Downtown Plaza….its got all the coffee stuff and some light food like sandwiches and salads and free wifi.


  8. Tierra Mia Cafe in South Gate is awesome! Other good Latino brews are: Cafe Canela at Plaza Mexico in Lywnood, Tropicana Cafe in Downey, Daily Brew in Montebello, and Churrolandia in Whittier. Great Latin American flavors for those needing a quick pick-me-up and dont want to go to Starbucks for their fill. Also, Cafe Con Leche is opening up in East Los at the site of the old Self Help Graphics.

  9. some good coffee in boyle heights would be awesome. i am looking forward to primera tazza opening. you should check out cafe de leche on york and 50th in highland park. the owner is from nicaragua and they have horchata with espresso.

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