14 thoughts on “Summer’s here! Any plans?

  1. I can’t see the video. But it’s probably because I’m white and from Sacramento. 🙂

  2. Oh, I see it now. LOL. What the heck is he doing with his hand at the end there? Anyway, my plans for the summer are about the same…

  3. Since California is experiencing the highest unemployment since it’s been recorded I am not quite sure. I’ll definitely be looking for new ways to save money. I am always thinking of ways to save money or to maximize the money I do have. I’ll probably spend lots of time looking at my bank statements. I like to look at my bank statement and create worse case scenarios.

    What if this is the last day I work? How long will it take for me to end up on the street? Do I have six months of cushion? How much food do I need to have before it wouldn’t be worth it owing to the potential of heart failure, which would cost me more money if I didn’t die. Is cat food bad for humans? Is health insurance really a need? Should I write a living will that states if I get very injured in some accident to not bring me back because the amount of money it would cost for rehabilitation is something I feel at this time would not be worth it.

    What job can I do at home that will bring me more money, but won’t interfere with my other job.

    That’s probably my summer.

  4. Hey Browne! Keep the faith baby! Shit if it wasn’t for bad luck, you know, I cried so hard I gave the blues to my neighbor next door, no dough re mi, they call it stormy Monday but Tuesday’s just as bad, beans and tortilla’s had a fight, I’d rather drink muddy water and sleep on a hollow log, stormy weather, cuatro camino’s, como pluma en el aire, moneys too tight to mention, but this summer, vamos a bailar, and sing too, fuck it, who knows it could be our last dance.

  5. It’s not that don’t have faith. I think the problem is I do have faith. I realized in the last year or so I might end up being an old woman. People in my family don’t die, I mean in general everyone lives to be at least 90 with no real health problems. I used to live for the moment, but then I kept being alive the next year and having to deal with all of the stuff I messed up, didn’t do, neglected… So then I’m like if I’m not going to die I want to at least be comfortable, but I have to admit this: I have always worried about everything. There is always something to worry about. If I wasn’t worried about something I don’t know what I would do with myself.

    I also like planning for worse case scenarios.

    If I could get some definite expire date for myself then I would be able to plan things better. I guess I could kill myself, but that is way harder than it looks and that’s not the statement I really want to make. I just want to be able to make a better plan for the future.


  6. El Pipiripau… the song was a hit in the ’80s and I remember it was really catchy and I could never get it out of my head. But that video is bizarre. Where is that from?

  7. Wow. Based on a lot of Mex movies, TV and media, I’ve noticed that Mexican comedy culture has a real, almost fetish-like fascination with little people. Midgets and dwarves like Tun-Tun in the video are always quite popular.

  8. “El Pipiripau,” brings back memories of quinceaneras, bodas, and bautisos during the 80’s. I was young but I remember everybody dancing to this song. My tios were in their late teens and early 20’s, they were always looking for ‘”Cha Chas”-“Disco Bunnys” to dance with. My main concern at the time was the cutting of the cake and running around allover the place with kids I never met. Apperantly, the adults were to busy with the pachanga.

    Thanks for the post.

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