Los Juan Diegos

edit-3Beautiful isn’t it ? I was amazed when I first saw it and I’m still amazed every time I see it when I pass by it on Chavez and Lorena. I love art and since I’ve been learning about the artists who helped make Chicano Art what it is today, I have a tremendous appreciation for it. I have great respect for any artist and Chomps is no exemption. Chomps has been working on his this mural called, “Los Juan Diegos” for quite some time. He named it after himself and his brother. Like any artist, he has to make a living some where else to pay the bills and spends what free time and money he has on his art. He ends up borrowing equipment to get the job done a lot.

edit-1I recently caught up with Chomps and talked about the progress he’s been making and some of the few surprises hes encountered while painting. He’s been pushing himself and his talent to it’s limits because he wants it everything to be perfect. He wants to give it everything he has because this is his home. He seen the work other artist are doing and he wants to get to that higher level. He wants to learn everything he can, every technique and style so he can improve and continue to paint.

edit-2He’s added more details to the frame and top of the piece. He also painted the back ground a different color because it stands out way more than the gray did. Not only that but the local cholos are digging what he’s about, even though he’s been getting hit up. They haven’t tagged up his work, they tag around it. Maybe it’s because he works with kids at schools or because he just has a certain vibe to him, but in the end it’s respect. He’s going to add more to the design in the hopes that by filling in the blank spots, the cholos won’t be hitting it at all. He still has a way to go because he keeps adding things and changing his mind. He showed me what he was going to to do with the face and let me tell ya, it’ll definitely be something eye catching and unexpected. After all, Chomps knows his history and if he continues at the pace he’s going, he’s going to be part of it’s future.

photo1It just pisses me off that not all the murals get the same kind of respect because we have to understand and know our past to know where were going.

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