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It’s extremely rare that I take a Saturday off because that’s when I make my money. However, since I had to call off work because I had an interview in the morning, I decided to make a day out of it and make my way over to the UCLA Festival of Books. I have never been to one and decided to see what it’s all about. I mean, I love reading books and comic books so this should be right up my alley right ? WRONG.

img_4062The festival is great if you’re a little kid or if you have a family and want to spend a great afternoon with them and pick up some great books. However, if your a 24 year old chicano male who loves reading comics and books about empowerment and all that good stuff, you better turn around now. Sigh…the festival was lost to me. Maybe it’s because I’m just a different kind of reader, but the whole time I felt like an outsider. Partly because I’ve never set foot at UCLA or been to the fair. Anyway, I still decided to hold my horses and wait until the end of the day to make up my mind. 

img_4044These books maybe fine and dandy like cotton candy, but I don’t particularly care for them. Although I did have my on “Policing Public Sex” there for a while. 

img_4045For the desmadre maker on the go

img_4046So that’s what Che would look like if he was a chick, I’d do her.

 img_4048These were some kick ass reprints from old comic book covers, movie posters and other stuff from back in the day. Too expensive for my taste for my taste, but cool none the less. 

img_4049Hmm, another image of Che, hmm seems he’s popular here. 

img_4050As you can see from the picture, people were mobbing them and buying books like hot cakes. Cause everyone loves Trader Joe’s. NOT. 

img_4051They had me at free. 

img_4052For those of us with crippling emotional problems. 

img_4053 Free you say, I’ll take five. 

img_4054Unfortunately, they didn’t have a cure for my broken heart. 🙁

img_4055This is the only thing I found interesting and worth buying. Mostly because it was half off. Great book. 

img_4056As if I didn’t have enough journals already. I controlled myself and reframed from buying one of these leather, hand made books. While they’re super cool and kick ass, I would just end up writing nonsense in it anyway. 

img_4057Genuine cow skin. Felt creepy just holding the book in my hand. I was thinking of buying this one specifically to write down vegetarian recipes. I’ve been trying to get off the meat for quite some time now.

img_4059A lot of people stopped by this booth and bought stuff. Wonder why ? hmm….

  img_4060If I was more feminine. I would buy one of those purses. 

img_4063I totally related to this book.

img_4064I loved this book, it had some great art. I love Artemio’s works. 

img_4066I thought this was a pretty kick ass book. You can never be to young to learn about what’s going on. 

img_4074No surprise that there would be over priced food, at least in my opinion. If I’m paying $7:50 for a burrito, it better be a DAMN good burrito and no a lame ass sandwich wrap trying to call itself a Burrito. 

img_4075A lot of people wrote down “Twilight,” “1984,” and my personal fav, “Watchmen.” 

img_4078“Biography of a Brown Buffalo” is what I’m reading right now. 

img_4081This guy got confused because the comic book convention was at the Shrine at USC, not UCLA. Over all the book fair was cool, definitely worth checking if you’ve never been, have kids or want to spend a day wondering aimlessly through the UCLA campus.

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  1. Nice use of 90s slang! 😉
    C’mon you didn’t find ANY books? Last time I was there, I got some really cool free stuff but yeah, I guess it’s not all that.

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