Parque/Tierra De La Culebra, Highland Park


Over ten years ago I was at the right place at the right time to help set up the Tierra de la Culebra. We would go move out rocks, pull weeds and practice danza Azteca there. One day when it really wasn’t that cloudy, the danza leader said we were going to dance until it rained. It rained within 5 minutes of us dancing hard. I will never forget that day and the magical place it happened. The other day I re-visited and these are some pics I took.

the culebra head

the culebra head


para Buddha

para Buddha


7 thoughts on “Parque/Tierra De La Culebra, Highland Park

  1. What was the name of that obnoxious kid that used to “run” La Culebra back then? He must be an obnoxious man now—lol—hopefully that is not so. I believe in change and the power of the Buddha in your garden.

  2. Took my one year old daughter to explore the parque…besides Debs Park…this place is pretty cool to kick it at and chill. Wish there were more events held in and around Highland Park like the Farce of July. My husband and I didn’t go this year because we saw a flyer that said $10 entrance fee…”whack” we thought…then a day later my neighbor said we could have gotten in free since we live in the community. Well there’s always next year. However, I think each year the Farce of July changes its venue. I’m an artist trying to create some art when my kid is asleep. Later

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