One Year Later

I can’t believe it’s been a year since this blog started !!! Damn time flies by so fast, I don’t even know where it went. I remember when Chavo and the rest of the crew started this blog and I was like “whoa !? this blog amazing !! It’s all that and a bag of chips (90s slang).” I then remember reading that Chavo was looking for writers for the blog and I emailed him about writing and a few weeks later it was on. Now one year later, here I am. Stronger, smarter and humbled to be with so many talented artist, writers and all around great people that I’ve ever met. I’ve personally grown and developed in soo many ways that I can’t believe it myself sometimes. It truly is a pleasure to be in cahoots with everyone on this blog and interacting with the people responsible for making this possible, our readers. If it wasn’t for everyone who reads and comments, passionately at times, on this blog, none of it would be possible. Gracias to all of you as well. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring in terms of future post, discussions and keeping people in check who claim the Eastside is in other parts of town. Trucha cabrones !!!!

16 thoughts on “One Year Later

  1. wow, it feels like it has been longer, and i feel very proud to be reading since then =). work wouldnt be the same with out u guys.

    los amo!!!

  2. Happy One Year LA Eastside!! I am also very happy to write for this blog and I am happy to have met some coo, wonderful people!

  3. Felicidades LA Eastside. Gracias to El Chavo for asking me to be a part of this crazy group. One of these days I’ll finally meet all the other writers. Here’s to making major moves in the ’09!

  4. Congratulations, LA Eastside. And what a year you guys picked. A financial crisis, an historic presidential election, growing racial tension and gentrification in Los Angeles, and with all of these more serious matters, you’ve found a way to sneak in rave reviews of lesser known eateries on the East Side. I was actually pointed in this direction inadvertently by what I can only describe as a right winger at another blog who has a real problem with what you guys are doing. Glad he did it. Really enjoy the variety of input here. Here’s to many more years.

  5. Thanks everyone for writing, reading, and commenting for the site. I think this little experiment in collecting our own voices has paid off. There’s some new features coming, uh, sometime soon, but you know how it is. Soon. Soon…

  6. feliz cumple, laeastside blog! congrats to all – i look forward to reading your entries and love the photos and random musings!

  7. Yeah! I tagged-in last 5 de Mayo, after being discovered on Myspace by El Chavo (his 2nd discovery of me). He liked the slide-show I posted of my neighbor’s eviction by Country Wide–and to this day that house still stands empty and over-priced—-so, I say “let’s talk about where to eat!” Wha? I’m too in the now? Well, hell, all revolutionaries gotta eat and we gotta know where the grubbing is bueno, bastante y barrato, k, no? Thanks for “keeping it real” Eastside bloggers—ouch–another 90’s colloquialism. I kiss the hems of your skirts dear co-bloggers. Yea, I said ‘skirts’.

  8. I can’t believe this little experiment worked and that people are really reading this here blog! Thanks to all the contributors, readers and critics.
    The other blogs tried to ignore us but we’re still here, yay!

  9. Not every thing is about you Random, although I did see you in a Jesus frock once. I guess that could count as a skirt.

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