La Crisis: Bread and Cheese Line


I was driving by the park on Spring when I saw this long line, might as well check it out. It turns out all these poor souls are waiting for a chance to get some cheese and bread. La Crisis deepens.


It looks like a diverse crowd. And they all look so healthy, even maybe a bit wealthy. But I guess we are all suffering during this predictable economic situation.


“Yeah mom, bring all the kids and the neighbors kids too, it’s free cheese and bread!”


I don’t see the County EBT truck, maybe this is a church sponsored feeding? Hmm, I’m gonna get in line and get my stuff!


WTF?!?  The line starts here, (well in the distance)..




..over this way..


..y siguele..


..con los pobres hambrientos..


..and it wraps around the lil’ hill to finally come back towards the gate. Follow me though, I know a shortcut.


Hey, we are in the front of the line! Told you I knew a shortcut. Wait a minute, what’s with that annoying internet lingo non-english word “sammich”? Competition Heats?


What do you mean it’s 5 dollars? I’m here for the free cheese and bread, get to it! You mean to tell me all these people are PAYING for cheese and bread? For Kraft cheez and bread?


Just so they can pass out a plastic trophy? En serio? Fuck this shit! I started to yell to the crowd that they were charging at the door, that it wasn’t free cheese and bread after all, but they stayed in line, trapped like mice wanting a nibble, oblivious to the fate that will befall them. Umm, you all know it’s just cheese and bread right? And they call me crazy.


Camera crews to film a grilled cheese sandwich. Tell the world, it’s a lie! The end is nigh!


All that cheez and bread, surely the lines will be long at these doors soon enough.


Oh, oh, the fuzz. I headed home and made myself a quesadilla.

5 thoughts on “La Crisis: Bread and Cheese Line

  1. Cheese and bread? Mentiras Chavo, it’s a plot ese, estos hechicero’s are plotting the gentrifuckation of the Eastside!
    Con cuidado Mano!

  2. thats a gacho comment on the dude talking on the cell phone.
    nonetheless still funny lol

  3. Darn, I missed a sighting of the great EL CHAVO!

    We showed up and saw the line and decided to just walk our strollers and beer around to the other side and fly our kite instead.

    As we were passing by the back, my daughter decided it was time to go potty, so my wife, bless her punk rock soul, optioned to storm the open gate a vendor was using, and head for the portapottys. The rest of our posse, with strollers and kids in tow followed suit and walked right in. No line, No wait, no $5 admission, no problem.

    So we kicked it on the lawn Eastside style, with our blanket, kids, beer, and enjoyed lots of free soda and grilled cheeses. Even got to see the one and only Huell Howser!

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