The Boyle Heights Tolteca Collective

img_3397I wanna know who these guys are because they are freaking bad ass. I was walking to class yesterday grabbing myself un taco de ojo and I noticed the new paint job on the bland and boring wall.


Of course being the prepared reporter that I am, I busted out the camera and started taking pictures. This great peace of art was put created during the week because I constantly walk down this walk way. In fact all of the school does because construction has funneled students in one direction.

img_3400These guys didn’t exactly leave a calling card so I’m gonna have to hustle to find out who created this. Although that might be a problem because the school might consider this as vandalism and the schools paint department wont care if it’s art or not because their job is to make sure the schools wall remain graff free.

img_3401if anyone knows the guys respocible for creating this art, please let me know. I respect your wishes if you wanna remain nameless, but I would still love to talk to you guys and get the down low on the peace. Contact me through the blog and holla.


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