Scene from the River

Under the Sixth Street Bridge, a shopping cart sits in the Los Angeles River.

Hopefully, a few Eastside residents auditioned for Cornerstone Theater Company held auditions for “Flow,” a Julie Herbert play about the Los Angeles River and surrounding communities.

When  CTC called for anyone who live, work, or loves the LA River to try some acting,  El Chavo commented “I’m gonna see if I can be the shopping cart somebody threw into the water.”

I saw this on Sunday. So I took a photo.

ADD: A play worth writing is one that talks about what the Eastside is.

Pictured: Under the Sixth Street Bridge,   a shopping cart is sitting in the Los Angeles River (or it’s El Chavo doing some method acting for “Flow”)

6 thoughts on “Scene from the River

  1. Ha, so that was you Ed! I think right around this time I was asking myself “what’s my motivation?”. Thinking like a cart is hard stuff!

  2. I did like the moment of internal angst shouted out in frustration (both English and Spanish) when your rear wheels locked up. Brilliant interpretation of culture stopped at a technological border.

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