Mexica New Year 09 @ Self Help Graphics

Mexica New Year @ Self Help Graphics 09

Me : Hey ! I saw Rosannas facebook and it said there’s aztec dancers at Self Help right now, is it still going on? 

Victoria : Yeah dude I was there earlier it was crazy. 

Me  : So why didn’t you tell me or announce it !?

Victoria : I forgot. I’m too busy writing up blog post that I can’t keep track of everything. 

Me : Yeah cause you post SOO much hahahah

Victoria : Anyway I though you worked on the weekends ?

Me : I do, I just got out and I was checking facebook through my phone at work. So i’d figure I’d call you and get the down low. 

Victoria : Well go down and check it out. I bet your girlfriend Pachuco 3000 will be there. I know you guys hang out together as if your lovers.

Me : Sigh…just cause we hang out every now and then doesn’t mean we’re lovers. Besides I’m sure he’s up to something already. 

Victoria : Ohhh I see.

Me : So did I wake you up just now ?

Victoria : Not really. I was taking a power nap because I rode my bike six miles today. Man my ass hurts.

Me : Damn !! you rode around that much ?!?!

Victoria : Nah, I have an exercise bike in my house. My knees are killing me tambien

Me : Ohh so is there anything else going on tonight ?

Victoria : Umm I’m not sure, but I’ll just end up staying home or doing something.

Me : Aight. I’ma head down to self help then and go take pictures.

Victoria : Ok puez. Give us your report about it.  

Follow the link to see my report….























6 thoughts on “Mexica New Year 09 @ Self Help Graphics

  1. That is NOT even an accurate script of what I said to you on Saturday. Actually I thought Pachuco 3000 had asked YOU to call ME, so that I would invite you to a firme party we went to on Saturday. (We went in different cars, don’t start any rumors, eh.) Damn Dude, you got aced out by 3000’s “young and firm” masseuse and my solo-flying trip. Sorree. Besides, I think its against the law to tape someone without their permission—BUT in this case, paraphrase poorly without permission. I sound like an idiot—-porfa!

  2. hahaha that’s how I remember the conversation. this happened on Sat so I apologize if I couldn’t remember EVERY EXACT word of the conversation today. Besides that’s about the jist of it hahah. I left out all those other remarks you said tambien. I’m good at remembering when I need to, this… I just pulled it outta my ass.

  3. Very nice photos! And I like the replay conversation too.
    The photo with the dog’s paw kinda scared me at first. Were you laying on the asphalt? Artist suffering for his work.

  4. lol I was sitting on my skateboard and just placed the camera on the floor and snapped away. I thought about doing that, but people were looking at me all weird as it was just by taking my dog with me. They swear I was a foreigner or something.

  5. Realizing that perros were “bad medicine” in Colonial times. Would I be stating the obvious by mentioning that I see a lot of barefoot dancers who may not enjoy an encounter with the random dog turd?

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