Caca o Deli?


Is it just me, or does this soon to open Mexicatessen place in Eagle Rock have a name that’s bound to be a source of many jokes, especially for those that speak Spanish? Or am I the only simpleton with a Jr High sense of humor? I’m just saying…

9 thoughts on “Caca o Deli?

  1. never. I just keep that too myself most of the time, but since you put yourself out there I’m right there wicha. It’s even funnier because the caca part is brown haha

  2. El Chavo. I wanted to say thank you for the East LA murals posted on metblog. I have been searching for a specific mural “Metamorphasis” across from Glennfield Court next to a preschool. I didnt want to go back to boyle heights just to take a pic of it myself. Its a childhood memory of mine and I really appreciate your photos. It was a mission finding you but Im glad I did because no other site has that mural. Much appreciated. Peace.

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