Núñez’s back, tell a friend

Less than three months after being termed out of his Assembly seat, former Speaker Fabián Núñez has filed paperwork to run for office in 2010, if not sooner.

The Sacramento Bee reports that Núñez filed paperwork to return to Sacramento as a state Senator, running to replace current state Senator Gil Cedillo, who intends to run for Hilda Solis’ Congressional seat once she is confirmed as Secretary of Labor.

Who knows if he will actually run for office or if this just an action to store his reported $5 million war chest. I hope not to see him in office.

Photo taken from cindylu’s Flickr page.

3 thoughts on “Núñez’s back, tell a friend

  1. I wish he were still in the Assembly, because it is hard for someone to control the house as speaker for such a short time and have a meaningful impact on the way the state is run.

    I don’t think statewide term limits was a good thing for California – it has led to legions of rank amateurs being led around by the nose by lobbyists in Sacramento. Everyone up there is trying to use their seat as a springboard to something else after they are termed out – few master the position they are elected to.

    In the end, our republic is made weaker, I feel. I don’t think Nunez was the greatest guy, but I wish he could have governed longer.

    Come to think about it, without term limits, Antonio Villaraigosa would probably still be speaker of the assembly! Then I wouldn’t be lodging my protest vote for Zuma Dogg.

  2. I put my money on Chu winning, not Cedillo.

    on a sidenote, if wasn’t for AV’s 2005 campaign, there would be no Mayorsam blogspot.com thus there would be no Zuma Dogg..really.

  3. I did not like AV before 2005. I didnt like him when he ran for CD14 and I still dont. Vote for Zuma Dogg….

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