East Los Angeles College I have two words for you, “No Mames”


~ Photo taken by Luz Juan ~ Solar panels broke and the way they fix them is by pulling a Mickey Mouse. They tied the beams up with rope for petes sake !!!!

I swear sometimes I just can’t believe the negligence that happens at school sometimes. I’ve been a proud husky for the last two years and this is the school for second chances. Parents and kids who mess up in high school have another chance make things right and get their life together, but how can we improve when we have shitty schools. Seriously I remember having a class in bungalows that have been around since the school was founded in 1945. Come on gimmy a break. I’ve been talking to P3000 and he totally agrees in the crappy conditions ELAC is in. There’s great teachers here and tons of cute chicks all over the place from all walks of life, but what good is it when your in a class that smells of dead rat or the roof tiles are falling on your head while your in class. Now all the construction is making things hard for the students that are gonna have to put up with it, but those are just growing pains. It’ll all pay off in due time.

img_0169Here’s another example from last year. The Elevator broke down and all the custodian could do was block it off and put a sign that says outta service. No mamen cabrones. It’s bad enough I get gouged to the max buying books that I’ll only use once, but this stuff goes too far sometimes. ELAC, no mames.

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  1. Pardon me for saying so, but I think the use of “raped up the ass” might be a little strong for being upset over the price of books. I know college bookstores do take advantage of students by charging inflated prices for textbooks but something about the phrase is a kinda disturbing.
    Anyways, as a former student of ELAC who spent much time in those old bungalows, I’m glad to see the school finally getting around to some upgrades. It’s unfortunate though that the current students are suffering during the process.

  2. well you have a good point C. But when I have to buy 3 $130 books it almost feels like that. By the time construction is done I’ll be long gone. But I’ll still be around taking some random class like Japanese or pool.

  3. Do you really have to buy your books at the campus bookstore? That’s the way you’re going to get robbed. I buy all my books online at bigwords[dot]com. You need a credit card, but you can use a friend’s, right? I saved a lot of money this semester by doing this and splitting book costs with friends. My book total for this semester was $250, when one of the books costs $150 (I bought the international edition at $50 to subvert the system).

    I also check out books from the library if I only need them for a week or two.

  4. As an ELAC alum myself, i too have pondered why the school is so poorly upkept, especially in comparison to other JCs like PCC or Rio Hondo. That parking structure on Chavez was being cleared for construction when I attended over 5 years ago, I have never seen a college building take so long to construct (and I watched 2 huge parking structures come up in half the time at PCC and Cal Poly Pomona), just like every other one at ELAC.

    Ah the bungalow jungle on the east side of campus, I too had classes in those shacks, where the vending machines were in an open garage door. When i first got enrolled in school in LA I left a math class in those bungalows to get a notebook across the street, was stopped,cuffed, beaten and arrested by Monterey Park PD for a $400 warrant. Students started telling the cops to chill and they began yelling to them that “they’d be next”, by the time I was in the car and leaving some professors had come out in defense of me and the students. I never got my book and bag back from the class, as my PO after that wouldnt let me off house arrest to go to school if I didnt have a schedule (and I needed to go to school to get the schedule).

    Anyways, the school is actually MUCH better than it used to be. When i attended I was appalled by the sherriff’s just driving thru pedestrian walkways and the front plaza, I’d never seen that in any other college. I went to the substation to protest and explain why and some jerk got in my face as if I was some terrorist for noting they had goldcarts, the sherriff’s can walk like at every other campus, and if they needed to get across the school quckyl they can take the streets or have a small base in a better location than the stadium.

    Anyways, dont buy textbooks UNLES YOU HAVE TO. Go to the LA Library website and look up the books, they usually have them. Also borrow from others, but learn to do your work well before the due date or at random days that’d it wouldnt be putting someone out to lend it. I usually met some other conscious or smartass classmate to do so with, as well as arrange curriculum coverage if one of us was sick. Ebay and Amazon are also great as noted, i actually bought most of my books after my classes when i realized i wanted to keep them for personal use.

    You know what else sucks about ELAC? they kicked out the effin hot dog vendor from the swap meet. can you freaken believe that? And the taco truck that monpolizes the swapmeet sucks hardcore. I got gardening tools there last week and was pretty pissed.

  5. well there’s no money to go around and fix everything. I attend a community college too and I feel for the teachers, the are the ones getting “raped up the ass”. We should be thankful that there’s community colleges. Bout the books, go to Amazon.com

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