Through the Eyes of Babes

I work in the behavioral field as my paying gig, because we all know writing is a bit unstable. I had to go see one of my clients in the school setting.

I happened upon a game of cops and robbers. It was a game of nine (cops) kids chasing one (robber) kid. In this game they took to yelling, “Put your hands up!! Spread ’em!!! Put your hands up!!!” and the robber running. The game ended with the cops yelling at the kid and beating him and stomping on him.

In the middle of the stomping I asked, “Is this what you think the police act like?” And they said, “Yeah.”

After recess they all lined up. Hands behind their back (that’s what they were required to do.) At lunch talking was not allowed. If they talked or moved or put their head up they were screamed at, “No talking, you have five more minutes to eat.”

All of the students where in uniform. Uniforms were required.

I heard a little boy getting reprimanded for bad behavior. The person screamed at him, “STOP SCREAMING AT PEOPLE!!!”

I tried to talk to the educational staff about positive behavior support. I was told, “These kids should be happy to be getting a quality education.” They continued with how treats and rewards were bribes. I said more than that, but I guess the idea of kindness doesn’t blend well with quality in the inner city.

I wonder how many of them worked for free? I saw lots of nice cars in the parking lot.

And we wonder why people in certain neighborhoods act the way that they do.

Browne Molyneux

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2 thoughts on “Through the Eyes of Babes

  1. Brazil is one of my favorite movies. I saw it when I was in junior high and ever since, I’ve watched the world become that movie. It’s telling that the American version had the “happy” ending and the rest of the world got the real one.

  2. I just watched Brazil with the real ending last night. I love that movie. I loved how in it people would be watching a person through a TV screen and talking to them even though the person was right in front of them. It sort of reminds me of how I instant message BusTard even though I’m sitting right across the room from him.

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