My Favorite Burrito: Al and Bea’s Chile Relleno

The sign says it all, “Specializing in Burritos.” Al & Bea’s here been here in Boyle Heights for more than 40 years and just like anything else in life, it gets better with time. My first time going to Al & Bea’s was a few years ago when a friend asked me if I’ve ever been there. “No I haven’t” I said and we were on our way there in no time. Coming from the taco truck lifestyle I was expecting the more traditional burrito de carne asada and the cliche menu that accompanies it. I get to the window and don’t even bother to look at the menu because I’m used to ordering the same thing give or take. I ask for carne asada and the guy taking my order says they don’t have carne asada. In my bewilderment, my friend stepped in and ordered for me, an Al & Bea’s special. I dove in and thought to myself, “this burrito is good, but I wouldn’t call it Mexican food,” even though the guys preparing the food are Mexican or look it. Since that faithful day, I have been going back and fourth to Al & Bea’s trying out the menu and learning to appreciate it for the great food it has, Mexican or not. 

Enter the burrito de Chile Relleno(bell pepper stuffed with cheese and fried). I’ve had most of the menu already so when I decided to go for the Chile Relleno, I was kinda hesitant. The last time I went out on a limb like that I tried their potato burrito, which turned out to be a burrito full of french fries. I threw caution to the wind and went for it. For those of you who hadn’t had the pleasure of spoiling your taste buds with the burrito, it consist of a Chile Relleno wrapped in a tortilla and smothered in beans. It was good !!!!! So good that’s the only thing I’ve ordered the last few times I’ve been there, aside of taquitos with guacamole goes well with it too. Chingado now I’m hungry.   

21 thoughts on “My Favorite Burrito: Al and Bea’s Chile Relleno

  1. Great post, but you where the hell is this place? That burrito looks good, how much was it?

  2. Whoops hahaha The prices are all moderate and nothing over priced really. The Chile Relleno burrito was like four bucks and worth it to me, but not something I would do everyday.

    Al & Bea’s Mexican Food

    (323) 267-8810
    East Los Angeles
    2025 E 1st St
    Los Angeles, CA 90033

  3. Aw man, I knew it. 4 bucks seems a little steep. It doesn’t look that big, but it must be a quality burrito. I’ll give them a try this week for sure. Thanks RH

  4. mmmmm just thinking about it makes me hungry. I haven’t been to Al & Bea’s in a long time! My favorite, which is kind of something I asked them to make, and not necessarily on the menu is Beans, Rice, and potatoes OR just the beans and potato, both with the green salsa. It is soooo good.

  5. Definitely an Eastside classic. I found out about this gem through a co-worker years ago. I tried their potato and it was scrumptious. I’ll definitely give the chile relleno a try.

    I’ve had the chile relleno burrito years ago at Sergio’s Tacos in Montebello (Olympic and Vail) and that was pretty good. I usually eat the all meat burritos and have a basic test for them. I grab the burrito and hold it vertically; pinch a small hole and if it drips lots of grease I won’t eat it. Sergio’s has passed the test and so has El Gallo Giro.

  6. I include it in my personal favorite Burritos along with the Chorizo & Papa Burrito at Pepe’s in Alhambra and the #7 at Lupe’s on 3rd.

  7. Al & Bea’s is great. I don’t go there too often, but I usually order a simple bean and cheese burrito with green chili. It’s outstanding. And the employees are really nice.

    The Gold Line workers who were stuck laying rail in front of Al & Bea’s were lucky.

  8. I’m pretty sure they use lard in those beans but I’m planning to finally go and check out this place sometime soon, maybe for a bean and cheese as well, I’m amazed I’ve held out this long! I love Lupe’s B&C but have it only every few years, cuz of the manteca. Still, it’s Chicano food at it’s finest!

  9. I had a friend in junior high who lived in the house right behind, the workers were cool and would kick us down food occassionally. My abuelo would also take me there after training at the gym next door until I broke my nose and my mom wouldnt let me box anymore.

    That place has been frequented by 5 (that’s right 5) generations of my family, from my great grandma to my kids (I took my sons last week). Most of the burritos (green chile is my fav) are $2, tacos are good too.

  10. Depends what time you go. When I go there’s barely anyone there, which is in the evening screw lunch time. It’s full of office workers and cops.

  11. My dad took us there often when we were kids. There was a time when I would only eat burritos wrapped in yellow paper and accompanied by an Orange Bang.

  12. I’ve yet to try a chile relleno burrito. I only first heard about them a few months ago while having dinner at a whole in the wall spot with Pachuco 3000 and Gustavo Arellano. The whole concept seemed weird, but delicious.

  13. king taco has some killer bean and cheese burritos with salsa verde.

    Does anyone know a good champurrado place that sales all day long?

  14. Al&Crap that’s what its called. I ordered a potato burrito to go,I bit and opened it up,fuckin french fries were in it,all they needed to do was to throw the little paper bag in that crappy burrito. Oh can i have some ketchup with my burrito? classic crap! I don’t know how you pathetic losers think this shit is good. Go’s to show that you fucks never had real Mexican in the fuck you put cheddar cheese on everything that’s American cheese you fucks, put that shit on chili dogs,not that shit you guys like,Al&crap.My first and last time eating there, open your fucking eyes and taste buds and eat real Mexican food. Not that poor man’s pocho shit you call Al&Bea’s.

  15. hey DOG: are you serious? maybe you should try another dish like combo burrito…and since you are so into being mexican you should know burritos are not originally mexican, they are pocho creation. Im mexican, love mexican food and good food in general. so open your fucking eyes dog. dont be so quick to judge

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