Recent statistics from,

“According to our research there was one registered sex offender living in East Los Angeles, California ….”

Sounds like a good thing for East L.A. in general, but really must suck for that one guy’s neighbors!

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  1. I worked at the Kmart on Whittier Blvd in East LA (technically the commerce center) just after highscool for about a year. Every week at least once early in the morning an extremely old (Im talking 2 decades older than the guy in the pic) man dressed in leathery tranny gear would come in and buy feminine products to the humor of all working there. He had dyed hair (usually under a wig), would wear tiny leather skirts, high hells and have tons of piercings. Being a tranny is irrelevant to sexual predators, but the pic made be think of that old man and if he is still around. He sure was a trip that morning I was coming off of mushrooms though.

    I heard recently that they discovered several dozen sexual predators all living in those apartments near CSLA on Mariana, and there was a big flap about it. I also remember my moms only white neighbor in Puente (beyond the obese racist who would walk naked in front of her windows when little kids were around until she moved out) was a registered sex offender, had been busted masturbating at the mailwoman, and would try and incite the local kids into his garage to look at his creepy train setup. I actually checked it out a few times because he was our neighbor and was scared shitless of me and my dad (we would drink and have fistfights in the garage), but the dude always creeped me out.

    I remember when i helped my parents move back to Eastlos in 2002 he came out and was talking to me about this time I was running around naked in front of my family in the front yard, except it never happened.

  2. That site says the guy was born in 1912. That would make him 97 years old.

    If you look downtown, you’ll see a bunch of offenders. Probably were or are living in the SROs. It’s like a double whammy – not only are you an ex-felon, but you’re on some website saying you’re a rapist or pervert. There just aren’t going to be many jobs people will let you do.

  3. I find it hard to believe there’s only one registered sex offender in East L.A. or any large community.

    You’re basically screwed if you’re a registered sex offender, don’t you think? If it was hard to get a job before the economy tanked, it’s that much harder now.

    It’s sort of a Catch-22. On the one hand, you know most of these guys will be released from prison at some point. There’s no evidence that their urges can ever be erased; perhaps with therapy they can only be restrained to some degree.

    So if they can’t get a job or a stable place to stay in, does that actually make society safer? When you’re working, at least for those 8 or so hours, you’re sort of technically unable to re-offend.

    But who would want to hire a child molester? It’s counterintuitive in every way imaginable. It’s almost like a no-win situation.

  4. By the way there is also a lot of half way homes and SROs in San Pedro for some reason usually around and below Pacific Ave. Most of them are felons trying to clean up but I am sure the chesters got thier own spot or else they would get checked no doubt

  5. “I worked at the Kmart on Whittier Blvd in East LA (technically the commerce center)” well it is in the Greedy.. I mean City of Commerce.
    There’s this Polish guy off Olympic and Downey that always has his makeup and leather pants or skirts with boots that go all the way up to his nalgas… creepy. The funny thing is that sometimes he would look like a rocker and other times, well, like a rockera. I would always see him walking at the k-mart or around Telegraph (by the Nut & Bolt mural).

  6. DJ,
    “Chester The Molester” (lol) , I had forgotten that funky old name! It originates from an old “Hustler” mag cartoon doesn’t it?

  7. The whole Megan Law seems unfair to me. I think the whole asking if you were a felon is unfair. There are plenty of sick people out there who have never been arrested.

    Jobs with kids regardless should require a background check to see if you are a child predator, but working at McDonald’s, cleaning up trash…what’s the deal with the whole are you a felon question.

    I think if we are going to let people out of jail and back into society we should allow people to make a living. An idle mind causes all kinds of problems.

    And really people are so obsessed with child predators and for a kid really the most dangerous person that is going to cause a kid the most harm is in the order of damage is: Their parents and then second on that list other kids.

    Yeah every once in awhile a total nut job comes to town, but what about 24 year olds that has sex with 14 year olds. He has a nice car, he doesn’t look at all like that guy in the picture and if that 14 or older looking 12 year old gets pregnant, she’s the slut and that 25 year old is completely off the hook. No one thinks people like that are child predators, but that guy screws up way more people’s lives that the total “in your face” child molester.

    It seems to me that no one thinks anyone is a child predator unless it’s guy that goes after boys. For some reason if a guy does the same thing to the opposite sex it’s all cool sans high school teachers of course…though I have had several friends tell me stories of having sex with teachers in high school, mainly substitutes, but it’s not all that uncommon, I guess just getting caught is.

    The preist focus was almost entirely on the fact that they went out with little boys, though girl’s got molested by priest too, but girl’s also get molested by protestant ministers.

    Let’s look at the recent not guilty verdict for R Kelly what a sick bastard and how many of you as women when you were 15 year olds went out with people who were way older than them. I did. Lots of people did.

    Roman Polansky at 50+ had sex with a 13 year old girl, everyone thinks its unfair that he will go to jail if he comes back to the US if it were a boy he would be banished to Siberia. There would be no question that a line had been crossed. His movie career would be over, because it was only a girl.

    I think we as a society should be honest. Little girls that look like little girls and look like they are from Idaho get laws made after them. Let girls from the Eastside, Hollywood and South Central that put on a bunch of make up and can pass as 21 year olds in the dark if you squint they are sluts and you can do what you want to them. And boys is it the molestation or the fact that it’s a same sex thing?

    I always have felt in the child predator public outrage that the moral angle was on the wrong angle.


  8. I’m sure some of the offenders were just 20 somethings who did it with a 14 year old. But most of the guys on that site are rapists.

    What these guys need is a really long work day, and maybe some kind of rehab-type communal living situation. Kibbutz for screwups.

    Hell, a lot of people could use that kind of lifestyle.

  9. I know there are probably some (or were) 20 somethings who did things with 14 year olds, which is why I think the whole “are you a felon” question is just some classist bs. If you are back in society after serving your time, then you are fine to me.

    I am just referring to what society views as the boogey man and the boogey man usually looks like a typical guy.


  10. The mental health system in our prisons is not capable of adequately addressing the issues needed to help pedophiles, thus those who are genuinely sexual predators are not released with much hope of mending their ways in society. Because of this, most pedophiles being released are still a threat to kids, and should be treated accordingly. Because the reintroduction of prisoners into society is so half assed, there is no list of businesses or industries where these guys can/are able to work, which furthers the stigmatization (because who wants to hire a pedophile).

    That being said, I would not hire a pedophile. I am not talking about a 20 year old dude caught with his 16 year old girlfriend (which is still pushing it in my book), but the guy who has molested children. Like men who are turned on to rape, there is something wrong and I have no idea of what (if anything) can fix that kind of malfunction. It is not OK to be attracted to children when you are an adult, and I am not talking about developed teenagers, I mean children.

    From personal experience (luckily never being the victim, but hearing numerous examples), a lot of pedophiles SHOULD be isolated from areas/situations where children are involved. Because of that I do not agree with the “you did your time and are exonerated” idea, because most often the crime is recomitted soon after for the reasons mentioned previously.

    I have 2 small kids and would not want any pedo anywhere near them to say the least. My reasoning is the million stories I have heard where a guy is released and commits another heinous sexual crime (which has occurred in my family and several others I know), that risk is too high and prevalent. In fact, I have known of a dozen or so people who were busted for molesting kids and not one has been able to transition out of prison into normal sexual behavior, not one.

    BTW, thanks urbanista for ntoing that old polish guy, I think that is him. Although he seemed older to me, but he’d always be around at like 7am.

  11. The criminal justice system does a crappy job rehabilitating people is true. What does a felon do to make money? What does a child rapist do to make money? To me there are plenty of jobs that they could do that would be isolated from children. Construction, bars, customer service at insurance companies.

    To deal with child oriented jobs you have to have a background check, even if you volunteer.

    If we don’t give child rapists jobs, they are going to come up with creative ways to make money. True child molesters are very, very personable. They are often sociopaths (DSM-IV.) And I’m not saying that just in a glib way, but in the real sense of the official diagnosis of the term sociopath.

    I have dealt with sociopaths. One when she was 12 years old killed her whole family with a butcher knife, the sweetest girl ever. Beautiful too. She’s the kind of person you would hire to babysit or be a nanny or tend your garden, you wouldn’t check this person’s references, because they are very good at manipulation. And don’t think you wouldn’t be fooled. The rare sociopath out there life is all about fooling you and being very good at it, that’ what makes them special 😉

    That’s the kind of work sociopaths with records have to get and they will get jobs, because one of the characteristics of a sociopaths is extreme likability which is why they are able to do all of these really outrageous horrible things. Without steady employment sociopaths (which like to stay busy) will go underground. They are going to use fake names (lying is nothing to a sociopath.) They will do what they need to do to get what they need. Them not being underground is very important for the safety of society, because if not, they are going to have easier access to your kids.

    People always try to put rules on people with mental illnesses that work with the general population and those rules don’t work with the mentally ill and since we as society don’t lock people up and throw away the key we need to keep an eye on these people and the best way to do that is to give them a job, force them to open a checking account and require them to stay in a place under their name. The first two can only happen if they can get a job.

    A child predator with no traceable form of income, because no one will employ him (or her I’m sure women child predators are out there) is going to hang out at the places kids hang out without their parents, neighborhood parks, malls, eateries, etc…

    When you punish people so severely and give them no out you force them back into their bad habits.

    I care about kids that’s why I think pedophiles should be given something to do to make money and something that the police department can trace in case they do start doing heinous things again.

    I know this comes off like I’m being sympathetic to child rapists, but to me even the most heinous of people should be treated humanely and be allowed if they want, to make a living, because in the longterm that is going to help everyone more.

    The best control for a person in this country is a steady job at the post office, sorting mail, we don’t want these people walking the street.

  12. With regards to asking whether someone is a felon, it’s pretty complicated. If you’re looking for someone who might have access to company funds, you obviously want to know if someone was convicted of felony embezzlement or fraud.

    I don’t think the problem is the asking. I think the problem is that once you know that someone has a criminal record, you may not be willing to give a person another chance, no matter what. In a perfect world, an employer is able to ask if a person has a felony conviction, gets an honest answer, and then makes a reasonable decision based on the type of job. But that’s not the real world. In the real world, you’re always better off knowing whether someone is a convicted felon or not. There’s no upside to ignorance, except for the convicted felon that is.

    I get what you mean Browne about not forcing people into such a tight corner where they can’t do anything productive, and therefore are likely to commit yet another crime. But I don’t think not letting employers ask whether someone has ever been convicted of a felony is the answer.

    Ultimately, who is to say what kind of job should be allowed to ask such a question, and which should not? Example: It may not be a school, but if you own a McDonald’s franchise you’re still responsible for your employees, and your customers. It is always better to know. You can always make more informed decisions the more you know. The trick is not leaving logic or empathy out of your decision.

    I agree that there has to be a system of allowing people to be rehabilitated, both in the correctional system, and outside of it. Besides, how are you going to make an informed decision about what kind of job you will allow someone to do, to let them be busy and productive, if you don’t know that part of their history?

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