LH Micro Loft Fails to Catch Interest

An enterprising citizen of Lincoln Heights gave Micro Loft living a go recently on a busy intersection of N. Broadway, but locals mostly ignored the concept, as can be seen in the photo above. With a small area for the Tupperware kitchen, a lightpost headboard, and some “facilities”, this attempt at urban space reclamation was short lived, all signs of this experiment had vanished a few days later when I went back to this corner. Even though the rent was appropriately priced, the constant flow of pedestrians thru the bedroom and the excessive banging on the crosswalk button above the pillow made for terrible sleeping conditions, even though the views were spectacular.

Click ahead for a pic of the garage!

The garage was adequate.

Though this first attempt at a new concept in urban living was short lived, the word is that it will be repeated at an interesection near you very shortly. Commentors at sidewalk.la.curbed.com were already ecstatic about the prospect of new land being given over to Developers and were looking forward to more sidewalk pioneers that would really “improve” the neighborhood. For identity reasons, the sidewalk pioneers claimed the term Side-side as their own but grumblings about this erasure of history were already being uttered by some homeless folks over by the parking meter, just a bit away from this micro loft.

6 thoughts on “LH Micro Loft Fails to Catch Interest

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  2. You forgot to mention the permaculture garden growing at his feet. Sure it looks like a pile of dirt now but just wait till spring!
    If you’re wondering where this urban pioneer headed to after his brief stint as a side-sider, word on the street is he decided to live “off the grid” with the teepee guy up the street.

  3. hey chavo! you forgot to mention how close this micro loft was to the post office,laundrymat,chapalita tacos,and autozone.

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