I-TAP that ass all day long

It took a full year, but the I-TAP is finally here and I got mine. Browne and Bustard also blogged about their expirience with the new bus pass and since I finally got mine, I’d figure I’d do the same. For $15 I have a bus pass that’s good for the next six months saving me $216 in total !!!! How awesome is that. I’m still broke as a joke and my future is uncertain, but I have a bus pass for the next six months. On my first day out using the pass, I twist my ankle jumping outta the bus as I was getting off. Now it’s super swollen and throbbing. Nice way to start things off right ?

   ~ Picture Courtesy of MTA ~

4 thoughts on “I-TAP that ass all day long

  1. Huh? I missed something. $15 for 6 months? Btw, MTA is moving all the $5 Day passes to TAP cards exclusively.

    Oh nevermind, I just followed the link. That is a kickass deal.

  2. It is a kick ass deal BUT you you know a defense contractor runs the tap pass. I’m just saying, there is always a catch. We’re in the LA Crisis so sometimes we have to let the gov’t in to save money.

    I don’t want the gov’t to be able to track my movements though they already do that with my cell phone.

  3. OH how convenient that smc, which is where i attend collge does not participate, but i do have to commend? that students can ride the bus for free as long as they have paid for an asb sticker. I find it strange that UCLA is apart of this but smc is not. What is it with santa Monica with being secluded when it come to public transportation. They are joining the tap program kinda late but i ride mta to get there as with many students. is it me that thinks that there is something off? i really want to know. guess i have to do some investigating>

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