Shootin’ the shit

I went to cut m hair last week at Jessies Barber Shop on Brooklyn and Mott, even though I hate having to look “nice” and “clean” according to society, and I was reminded of what it’s like to be a guy. You see, I grew up with three younger sisters, at school I’m surrounded by women colleagues (both good and bad depending on what day of the month it is) and I’ve come to realize that most of the people I call friends are, well woman. Of course I have guy friends but I hang out with woman more than men and again, it’s a good/bad things. However, being around woman all the time means that there’s certain language I can’t use and behavior that’s not appropriate in the presence of a woman. Vulgar humor doesn’t work on them and therefore I’m left alone to my own devices. But there are still some places left in this world where a guy can be a guy and not only be encouraged by vulgar humor/language, but be commended for it. During my hair cut, I overheard a conversation that started simply enough about a parking situation with one of the barbers in-laws. As soon as she left he started talking all kinds of trash, in a joking fashion of course, at least I hope it was. He called her a crazy old lady, she’s outta her f’ing mind etc. Then some of the other guys waiting joined in the conversation and joked that maybe the argument was caused because it was that time of the month. Then they completely trailed off and started talking about getting ass and basically being guys. This was all in spanish so you can only imagine the vulgarity of the language used to say everything I described. While I may not agree with their male-chauvinistic views, it felt good shooting the shit with the guys again.

5 thoughts on “Shootin’ the shit

  1. I’ve been around enough workplaces where guys find it comfortable to talk so-called “guy” talk, which is usually just stupid shit that shouldn’t be coming out of anyones mouth. Details about some fine girl or how you and her did this and that, are just unnecessary, boring, and crude. I hate “guy” talk, in English or Spanish.

  2. Chavez, Brooklyn samething. I hate the crack in the box there. I honestly wish it would get torn down because all I see is the dumb ass cholos hanging around there while families and kids are stuffing their faces getting fatter.

    Chavo ~ I’ve been around that kind of “guy” talk plenty of times and even though the talk I heard wasn’t as explicit as other’s, sometimes just hearing people talk stupid shit like that makes me wish I a woman was around to kick them on the nads for being pendejos.

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