Lincoln Heights X-mas Parade

I’m not going to tell you LA Eastside readers all the nice things I told my CHANFLES! readers but if you want to kill some time this X-mas eve browsing thru an annoyingly long (and late!) post about the LH Xmas parade then click here to have that lousy gift granted!

(I’m even later on the HLP X-mas parade post, but that’ll be coming soon! Pobre de ti!)

One thought on “Lincoln Heights X-mas Parade

  1. Hey !! I’ve seen that woman before. Hmm she really makes the rounds selling the cotton candy. I remember one time I was on the bus and some random guy took pictures of her while she was sitting down and holding the cotton candy. The guy asked for her permission and she said yes, but something about that made me feel extremely uncomfortable and I wanted to say something too.

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