Squirrel Grabs My Nuts!

A Squirrel lives in my yard. He comes over to me quite often and I feed him assorted nuts I buy for him at EL SUPER.

He comes quite close to me. Sometimes he’ll take the nuts from my hand. Sometimes I just lay the nuts out and he takes them one by one. Some he eats, the rest he buries in the yard. I brings me much joy and inner peace to sit outside and commune with this denizen of urban wildlife. I’ve named him Frank.

He prefers the Peanuts, Almonds and Walnuts. He is not keen on the Brazil Nuts or Hazelnuts. If I’m inside my house, he’ll knock on the screen door to let me know he’s there.

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13 thoughts on “Squirrel Grabs My Nuts!

  1. La Crisis must be really rough if squirrels are daring to get close to you! 😉

    BTW, I bet that title will have all kinds of new pervs showing up to this site now. I betcha.

  2. No way !!!! that’s freaking awesome I love Frank. Not only do I love Frank, but I love all squirrels, they’re so freaking awesome and cute. It just goes to show that not all animals are feral and some do venture near people. It’s amazing how adaptive animals anywhere they are. If you ever stop and listen to the sparrows, they don’t sing anymore. They repeat and mimic car alarms. Lame.

  3. I’ve gotten many forms of wildlife visiting my yard. Coyotes (they killed one of my cats once), Raccoons (about 3 ft. tall when they stand up), skunks (stinky!), and those nasty opossums, ugly little devils, I tried chasing one away once by throwing an empty aluminum can at it. The can concked him on the head but he didn’t budge. He just hissed at me and showed me his teeth. Ugh!-animales asquerosos! I also get many hummingbirds come around. Every time I see one hovering around I can’t help but think of the ancient Mayans hunting hummingbirds with blowpipes and making garments out of the little feathers. That’s some accuracy if you can blow a little dart out of a tube and hit a hummingbird!

  4. I love opossums! I raised a small family of them after their mother was hit by a car – very clean animals.

  5. An opossum tried to kill me. I was by my trash can and I saw him and I was like “get away” and stomped at him, like I do when I see coyotes, rats and any other inferior live specimen and opossum went nuts on me. He got up on his little hind legs and was like, “f*ck you, I’m going to kick your ass.” And I was like, “no f*ck you, you dirty little gigantic rat.”

    Then he pulled out a shot gun and chased me to my apartment. I hate opossums!!!

    Though I didn’t know until right now that it was opossum and not possum, maybe that was what the problem was.

  6. Be careful there Al. There are tree squirrels and then there are ground squirrels. There’s been numerous outbreaks of the plague in L.A. over the past 100+ years (ask Chimatli) that have been traced back to ground squirrels. They may be cute, but watch out. Now, is Frank carrying the plague? Probably not. Something to be aware of however as you get up close and personal with furry beasts.

    Ground squirrels seem to me to be the cute lovable ones. But tree squirrels, what cranky mf’ers they are! In my neighborhood they are everywhere. What a racket they make when they are squabbling with each other (which is quite often). I’ve witnessed some nasty tree squirrel brawls. Sometimes (obviously they’ve got nothing better to do) they harass me and my cats for no apparent reason. I’ll just be in my yard minding my own business when suddenly a tree squirrel is hovering over me on a low hanging branch. Then the harassment starts. The squirrel starts giving me a large piece of his/her mind. It’s strange being chewed out by a squirrel. I’ve seen my cats sleeping on the picnic table underneath our apricot tree and a cranky tree squirrel on a lower branch having a fit at them. If a tree squirrel had fists they would be shaking them at us. Ill tempered to say the least!

  7. (1) I think that the opossum should accept that my throwing an aluminum can at it is a part of the recycling cycle.
    (2) Frank lives in a tree, and he also scurries around on the ground. I sometimes like to place his food on my porch just inches away from my front screen door to torture my two stupid indoor cats. The two felines sit behind the screen looking out at Frank while he calmly dines.
    The squirrel is aware that the cats are there burning holes in him with their eyes, but he just sits there munching defiantly, right in front of them. Meanwhile, the cats would love to tear him to pieces.
    (3) I doubt that Frank has any disease but who knows? Back when I went to UCLA, the place was crawling with squirrels the size of dogs. I remember seeing one up close and it had all these huge tumors on the side of its face & body (yuk!). Those squirrels I stayed away from.
    (3) Another form of urban wildlife I see in my neighborhood is these flocks of wild exotic birds that must have escaped from owner’s cages at one time, and now fly free in Silver Lake. Parakeets, Parrots even a Macaw all hang around here from time to time. I even see “Lost Bird” or “Found Bird” signs posted on telephone poles.

  8. Some of my co-workers and tenants feed the squirrels at Angels Gate, and they’re real well trained beggars. They’ll make sure you know that they’re there, and they’re hungry right now.

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