Mexican Sanksgeeveeng


For these kids, he was an older man with a sombrero who bought them dinner. To their parents, he was Leo Carrillo, famed vaudevillian and actor of the era.

Nom nom nom. Delicious food, you must eat it. If you have the money, of course. And you fit the “desired” clientele.

This picture is not about that. It’s about a community helping its members.

It was La Golondrina restaurant. The year was 1937.

Photo taken from the UCLA Library Digital Collections.

3 thoughts on “Mexican Sanksgeeveeng

  1. Ai Pancho! (Leo Carrillo),
    Ai Cisco! (Duncan Reynaldo,
    The great “Cisco Kid” TV series from the 1950’s

    Also Leo Carrillo was a direct descendent of the Carrillo Family pioneers in Los Angeles going back to the Spanish Colonial days.
    Carrillo Beach is all that’s left from that era

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