One less check out stand at Walmart.

A temporary Walmart employee was trampled too death in New York by customers eager to get into more of a hole for the new year. I guess Walmart literally is evil.

I just got back from the Really Really Free Market (easily accessed by the Red Line/Purple Line and Metro Lines 720, 20, 200, 51/26) and was greeted by pleasant people exchanging clothes, bicycles parts, cds, book and various accessories for your humble abode. It’s going on until 5pm and the Really Really Free Market promises to not kill you, injure you or empty your bank account.


Sidenote while Walmart in the big city is a big deal among progressives the places where Walmart truly does the most damage is in rural America. They go in undercut everyone and everyone else closes shop and Walmart literally is the only game in town and people end up completely dependent on this horrible company that doesn’t pay a livable wage.

Browne Molyneux

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4 thoughts on “One less check out stand at Walmart.

  1. I too hate the must-buy-must-consume- X-mass-is-all- about-gifts-and-greed mindset that many people fall into as much as anyone, but the shooting at toys “r” over priced was about people with no self control and yet another great argument for gun and birth control.

    we had to miss the free market this afternoon. Browne will you be posting more photos?

  2. Dorit,

    I probably won’t be posting anymore pictures, since I’m not into showing people’s faces in events that are about not spending money. You know how the gov’t gets…lol…

    It was nice though. People showed up through the whole event (reports from people who stayed the entire time) and were cool about not hoarding. I truly hopes it becomes a regular thing. I hope we can build up a little barter and exchange system, though my donations probably will always center around books and odd performance artsy type entertainment. Maybe I will try baking some cookies next time.


  3. I always felt weird because I never participated in all of these “traditions” as a kid. My parents were never ones for celebrating American traditions and looking back on it now I’m glad they never indulged me and my sisters in that stuff.

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