Latino Punk Fest 2008

Los Angeles, you are in luck! If you haven’t been able to make it to Chicago for the past two Latino Punk Festivals, this time around you’ll only have to figure out how to get to Montebello cuz it’s taking place here! I don’t have much else to say about this event because I haven’t been to the previous ones but I’m quite sure it’s the largest festival of Latino Punk bands in the US. (Err, maybe it’s the only one?) It’s also appropriate that the Fest take place in LA, easily the city with the biggest Latino Punk scene, not that anyone outside of the Eastside would notice. For more info about the event, check out their FAQ where they have helpful info like this great tip:

4. I get out of work late, what can I do?

–If you can afford it, call in sick or take the day off! How many fest like this one will you have an opportunity to attend in your life time? A lot of the bands playing the fest are traveling from out of town so there will be all kinds of shit going on all day, each day, where you can hang out!

Ditch work, nice! You can check out the full 3 day schedule here, though I think most punks are gonna try and get into the Saturday show to see the reunion of Los Crudos, or cuz they just want to get a glimpse of a band that would name themselves “Cara De Mil Putazos“, certainly one of the best band names ever! Hopefully we’ll have some coverage of this event to report back, there’s some young and not-so-young punks here on the staff of LA Eastside!

Latino Punk Fest 3 October 23-25 (Thursday thru Saturday)
All happening at:
Terraza Jamay 104 S. 10th St. Montebello, CA 90640
Click here for google map.

Click to hear a preview of some of the bands.

23 thoughts on “Latino Punk Fest 2008

  1. At first I thought it was the reunion of Iconoclast on Ebullition, and I almost lost my shit. But it’s the old, old school LA Iconoclast. But Huasipungo, I saw them the first time I ever saw Los Crudos in ’93. Should be great!

  2. cara de verga asada? ha!, me rio en tu cara, tu estilo, bah!…cara de mil putazos rifara el ring en Terraza Jamay, nos miramos! apoya los tres dias del festival 23, 24 y 25 de octubre…los rudos, los rudo, los rudo!!!!!!
    at tus ordenes, de hechar chingazos! Nemesio El Amargado

  3. Heard that outside the venue last night, some one got stabbed and Montebello PD shut down the show…before Los Crudos played. Way to go, lil’ shankers! Embarrassing for the Los Angeles scene. Los Crudos said they would play a free show somewhere soon.

  4. Seriously that was very disappointing. One dumb fuck killed it for all of us. It would have been fucking great to see Los Crudos play.

  5. I was there Thursday night. Great, energetic, young crowd. Great bands too. Saw Mugre, Outraged, Sin Orden, Fronterrismo, and some of Hit Me Back. It’s an absolute downright shame about what happened on Saturday.


  6. “Went only to see Los Crudos.”

    Yeah, you and everyone else apparently. Bunch of trendy @$$holes.

  7. intrepido, obviously you don’t know how great Los Crudos music is. Are you even aware it was a fucking reunion show of one of the greatest influencial bands out there. No shit the majority of people were going to see them play. The other bands were really good but nothing compared to Los Crudos. you just made yourself look stupid by saying that.

  8. I’m aware of how great CRUDOS’ music is. I have all the records and I saw them play numerous times years ago before this reunion.

    Unlike you who probably has MP3s stolen from the internet. Too bad you didn’t get to see them this past weekend. Oh well. Maybe sometime you will finally get to see them huh?

    I was making a statement about all the ex-punks who no longer go to shows and all the trendy kids who don’t bother supporting new bands. A few years from now they will all probably be at a reunion for one of the bands who played on Thursday but they didn’t go see because they “only went to see CRUDOS”

  9. Funny you should put it that way because unlike YOU, many of us haven’t had the privilege to see Los Crudos play before and this reunion meant alot to us. No need for the sarcasm…as Martin said, los crudos will be returning and playing very soon so i will go see them.
    And no, i have a couple of los crudos cds+ their “Discography”, which is one of the best cds ever made.
    As far as I know, this new “punk generation” doesn’t have much to offer. Everything has been done and nothing is original. It’s become more a fashion/attitude scene. Only a few bands have come along the way that actually come close to the origins of the hardcore punk movement.
    Oh and Why do you only refer to the bands wich played on Thursday? Is there a specific band you are talking about? hmm.

  10. WTF? are you saying the other bands were not worth checking out? a lot of them worked hard as fuck to creat their music man. Some of us came from thousands of miles to play there.
    We’re supposed to support the scene and that means supporting all the latino punk bands fool. That’s what the latino fest was for so that we could get to see all these great bands. I guess you don’t think Huasipungo is worth checking out? or Bumbklaatt? How about Fronterrorismo? All the bands that played fucking ruled.
    You don’t know anything about punk man. we need to support the scene and not just one band.
    I wanted to see Crudos play cause I never seen them and I was pretty bummed out i didn’t get to see them, but then again, I also got to see a shitload of great bands from the very first day till the end.

  11. Naw Alonso dont need points hes in an awesome band called Control de Estado and he came all the way from florida just to play THATS PUNK! and the whole comment about how the new generation of punk bands dont have anything to offer? bhed you are an idiot! if you stopped being so ignorant you would come see some of us (LIBERATE, LA GRITA, ADELITAS, BRUISE VIOLET, SIN ORDEN!!! ETC ETC ETC)NAW scratch that YOU dont have anything to offer the new generation so we dont want you to see us anyways pudrete!

  12. If you’ve seen thousands of shitty bands while “supporting the scene” so I think you should get a pass to only be interested in Crudos without being called “trendy.”

  13. nopw you are trendy you go see bands you call shitty just to support? dont you think you should stop coming?

  14. Yeah, I should certainly stop going to shows to see bands I like because some jacknut on a blog told me so. Now THAT would be trendy.

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