He’s with the band

The Roosevelt High School Marching Band was seen on Broadway for Sunday’s Desfile de la Hispanidad en Los Angeles parade. According to the Rough Riders blog, the band went through a transition with the retirement of C-Track Music Instructor Mr. Martinez, and now directed under Dr. Gindin. Rough Rider blogger adds:

“She’s has being working really hard with the students, and this year, she managed to prepare a field show for halftime for the 1st Game. Other years, the Band usually wasn’t prepared for a half time and had to wait until about the 2nd or 3rd game. The music has gotten much better, and this will only continue.”

English and Journalism teacher Mr B. Gertner throws down a halftime gauntlet in the comments by writing the real challenge for The Band is The Classic being held November 15. The Gertner adds  “Looking forward to your savage demolition of the Garfield High School Marching Band.”

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  1. I don’t know if anyone else knows but a few weeks ago Roosevelt was vandalized. The football team had all of their equipment stolen and some class rooms got trashed too. Word around the grape vine was that it was an inside job because it happened on a Sunday and specific actions suggested that the vandals knew what they were doing. The school isn’t in the best shape as it is and for some idiots to go and do what they did is stupid.

  2. I didn’t even know there was a parade! There’s always these random events being put on that come out of nowhere like that pan Latino festival that happened for two years at Lincoln Park. It sometimes seems like some money making scam in the guise of a community festival. Anyways, glad to see Roosevelt representing.

  3. My students are on the case about this vandalism. In fact, the author of the blog on the band, Caviles23, is writing the article about it. I’ll check with him if he is planning on blogging about it. From what I heard, a neighbor may have witnessed the people who did it. I haven’t heard anything in a bit. It was a little crazy. They really did a number on some teachers’ rooms. Idiots is right!

    Anyway, thanks for the positive attention. It’s good to hear good news about Roosevelt. Did you know that the Valenzuela twins, popularizers of Banda music, went to Roosevelt? I found this out at the Viva Yiddish concert at California Plaza, which was a blast.

    I myself am looking forward to hearing this new and improved Roosevelt High School Band!

  4. “Looking forward to your savage demolition of the Garfield High School Marching Band.”
    that will be hard, as the GHS marching band and drill team are and have always been awesome, RHS can’t hold a candle to it.
    Sorry to hear about the vandalism.

  5. omg!!!!!!!! that mooch!!!!! the roosevelt band is way better than the garfield and we will beat you at the classic. i am a member of the band and i will make sure we prove you wrong. this is no longer about the football game! we’ll see who is better!

  6. * edit
    sorry to christian, i just found out that the ghs band is kind of small and sad. My memory was of the ghs band back in ’91! LOL. It kicked ass back then.

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