Calling all [whatever is the preferred P.C. term because I’ve received complaints about the original name]!

I’m in college and I am writing a research paper for a class on America in the 1950s. After giving it much thought, I’ve decided that I want to write it on Mexican women in Los Angeles County in the 1950s. If you know any women who lived or grew up in Los Angeles anytime the 1950s, let me know because I’d like to interview a few for this research paper!

What exactly am I looking for in these interviews? I want to ask about what they did for fun, their jobs (and if they ever felt any barriers in attaining jobs), the role community groups served in education, politics, job attainment, and other details. I am especially interested in anyone who moved around in the 1950s and why they did it.

I know some of you are anonymous, but don’t worry about that. You don’t have to tell me your relationship to the person I interview, I’d just like names and contact information. Contact me over at my site’s contact page.

EDIT Oct. 15, 2008: I forgot to mention this, but it is not relevant if they were born in Mexico, Los Angeles, or some other part of the United States. If they are of Mexican descent and were raised or spent part of the 1950s in Los Angeles, I am interested in interviewing them. Interviews would probably occur face-to-face in late-December or over the phone.

Image taken from UCLA’s Digital Collection.

8 thoughts on “Calling all [whatever is the preferred P.C. term because I’ve received complaints about the original name]!

  1. Sadly, we are losing our moms and abuelitas, so you are going to have to hurry. When you do interview them, learn everything you can from them, from recipes to buenos cnsejos. They are tesoros, and we must treasure them like the jewels that they are.

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