I was near El Centro recently and seen these treats at the check out counter at the local AM PM. I only really seen edible crickets for sale at El Mercadito or sometimes at swap meets, and they are usually in big tambos sold by the pound. I know in some places in Mexico they are a common snack (or maybe its grasshoppers?). I am not sure if they are being sold at any LA am pm yet, but maybe just maybe I might get the nerve and try them.

They got a variety of flavors too; bacon and cheese, salt and vinegar, sour cream and onion yum!

I Googled  the company Hotlix and  to my surprise they been in the business over 20 years! and got tons of other insect treats.

11 thoughts on “Grillos

  1. I was just at el mercadito today and they have big tubs full of chapulines (grasshoppers) but I’ve never heard of crickets, other than pet stores that sell them for reptiles. I think you get quite a bit more chapulines for 2 dollars as well, though you don’t get any fancy designer boxes!

  2. I have eaten chivo, iguana soup, lengua, tripas, cabesa, chorizo, hot dogs and even french fries with ice cream, but grillos ? Only two things freak me out in this world, electricity and bugs on me. I love bugs and to look at them but no way in hell I’m touching one. Damn malandrina I give you props for trying those things. If you find some get some for me so I can try them too.

  3. Chavo, your right the bugs they sell at El mercadito are grasshoppers, but they sure look alike, lol have you tried the dry mini fish they got? or the dry shrimp? those are not to bad but crickets don’t sound good.
    I don’t really think I am going to try them, I tried most of the things you mentioned “Refujio”(aka Random Hero) but I am not sure if I can really do it!..but I will pick you up a pack next time I go over that way lol what flavor do you want?

  4. I’ve tried chocolate covered crickets before in elementary school. I thought they were pretty good until someone told me what i was eating.

  5. Dona Junta,
    So have you tried one yet? You need to do it and tell us what they’re like or your report is incomplete. We’re waiting……..

  6. Orale!! Dried crickets at am pm?? Never thought that would of ever happened!! But those little dried fishes you eat with sal and limon and a splah of tapatio with a gulp of corona as a chaser are called CHARRALES, and yup, they are delicious!!

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