Lincoln Park Carousel to Close

According to Javi of the fairly new carousel in Lincoln Park is set to close on Sept 28 due to low ridership. There’s no mention of it on the official park site but you can trust Javi with this info, he knows what’s going on around LH. From his email:

Due to low ridership the LP carousel will have its final spin on Sept. 28, 2008. So if you haven’t seen or taken a ride then do so before it’s too late. I encourage everyone to visit and take a spin.

That’s kinda sad but it did seem like many people were unaware of the new ride. You really might want to heed that warning and go take a spin. I took some pics less than a year ago over at my site if you want to see a bit more. Or click ahead for a short video clip.

11 thoughts on “Lincoln Park Carousel to Close

  1. So sad it’s gonna close. I’m not superstitious but I heard from a few different folks that the carousel is haunted and/or cursed. Supposedly, the last place it was at, some mall in Long Beach, closed down too.

  2. Man, I live right next to the park and I’ve never seen that stupid thing open once in the past year! I took my daughter for a walk yesterday afternoon and it was closed.

    What a shame.

  3. Wow. Never knew there was a carousel in Lincoln Park. Sucks they are closing but hopefully someone will buy it, especially now that more people know it’s there.

  4. Something is brewing and maybe more than a comeback. Hopefully the curse was only a “one time hit” per location and the lead horse was blessed.

  5. The carousel will reopen on June 27th. The same day Lincoln Park will have its annual firework show.

  6. So far the carousel is open Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 6pm. Still only $1 per spin.

  7. For more carousel info contact the carousel manager Ana Salas at (323) 223-2753 or cell at (323) 632-0914 or email
    Open Saturdays and Sundays from 12-6pm.

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