5 thoughts on “How to find a cheap apartment in Los Angeles

  1. You’re welcome! Another good way to find apartments is to drive around in the neighborhood where you want to move and look for “FOR RENT” signs. It’s how I found my place. Screw Craigslist, it’s for folks with $$$.

  2. that is funny — about 15 years ago I used to post those in supermarkets, laundromats, and also on the poles here in the 90063. I would get inquiries as I was posting them in the supermarkets. I can only imagine that demand is much higher now with the limited housing stock and the bank/mortgage troubles.

  3. In ’91 I got my first apartment after getting out of the Marines – a $250 a month studio that I found from a flyer taped to a phone pole. One of the best places I ever had…

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