Pedestrian Killed in Lincoln Heights

(photo by Flickr user pastamaster 39 )

Sad news in Lincoln Heights today. A pedestrian crossing near Griffin and Broadway was struck and killed during a police car chase. I saw the blocked off street and activity on my way home.

Call me overly cautious but when I wait to cross the street, I often will stand behind a pole or some other kind of object in case some car jumps the curve or loses control. I know of at least two times something like this has happened right here in Lincoln Heights and I’m not taking any chances.

More on the car chase at the KCAL website: Pedestrian Killed After Chase Ends in Crash

9 thoughts on “Pedestrian Killed in Lincoln Heights

  1. I saw the street closed off when I was out running errands and wondered what happened.

    So sad that someone lost their life just because they were walking down the street. It’s sad no matter who it is, but I really hope it’s not the Catman. I always see him at that intersection ambling along with his bag of bread and cat chow.

    edited to add: Deleted my initial take on the recklessness of the police after reading the link above. So KCAL had more info than the LATimes, I don’t know why I’m not surprised. The KCAL link made it sound like the police did attempt to stop the car, the other story made it sound like they were just quietly following it for ten minutes.

  2. I’m right there with Chimatli. People don’t pay attention when they’re driving. I’ve seen a little boy get hit by a car right at a cross walk all because the driver was to busy doing something else. It’s something I wish I could unsee because that kinda stuff messes with you. Drivers and pedestrians need to be aware of their surroundings rather than listening to music or talking on the phone.

  3. I think thank god for the alt transportation movement.

    Hopefully something will be done to make it more safe to walk in all parts of the city.

    In LA people don’t seem to view pedestrians as people. Why would the LAPD do a chase through an area that has pedestrians. There should be a mandate if an area is pedestrian heavy or if pedestrians are seen near a chase to call the chase off.

    Did you check out why they were chasing the guy, because he had a funny look on his face and ran.

    So someone gets to die in Lincoln Heights because a cop felt the need to chase someone who as the cop said, “was up to no good.”

    Not a known murderer or even thief, just a startled looking guy.

    That’s completely crazy.

  4. I saw the big hold up on Griffin too. About a million cop cars were there. This is some messed up stuff. I very often see people almost get hit crossing Griffin @ Altura St. just up from Broadway. I’ve seen crosswalks that light up in more affluent neighborhoods; they really need some in LH since there are always many pedestrians at all times of the day.

    But I also concede that some pedestrians walk as though they’re “hecho de goma” (made of rubber) as my dad would say. Always look both ways, twice!

  5. real funny rolo. i forgot to laugh.

    oh darn, i also forgot to take a cheap shot at latinos.

  6. he meant that in monterey park drivers would have insurance… alienation, is that a good cheap shot?

    I have to agree that many pedestrians walk as if they were wearing blinders while drivers are driving very distracted. I just learned to assume that everyone is an idiot in any case, whether I am driving or walking. If I’m driving and see a pedestrian on the sidewalk, I assume that he will cross in front of me. When I am a pedestrian, I assume that the driver has not seen me and take precautions. Sad to say, but it is safer to operate this way.

  7. I don’t think we should just laugh off comments like Rolo’s. It’s not ok and it’s pretty hostile.

    I don’t think pretending like things don’t exist improves any kind of situation.

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