“La Vida Pronto Se Acaba”: Some Blog Posts On La Vida

(Horse riders on the San Gabriel River. Photo by permission of myself.) If you want a soundtrack, click play on the video below.

There’s nothing like a tragedy to remind us that we are all on borrowed time, and hopefully we’ll try to make the most of the remaining stretch. Here’s a few blogs and posts I’ve been reading that put things into context.

Moon over at French Benefits writes about missing the 111 Metrolink train yesterday, that same one that hit a freight train and is now a fatal wreck. She worries if some of the fellow passengers she’s come to recognize are okay.

Miguel of The Los Angeles Eastside Scene sent out an email announcing that “life has gotten in the way of my blogging” thus he will no longer be hosting the monthly Latino blogger meetups. I know his site recently slowed down but I hope he doesn’t stop posting for good.

Alice Bag is putting her autobiography in process online over at her Violence Girl blog, and she’s up to her Stevenson Jr. High days. Retracing your steps to see where you have been in this life must be a good way to estimate what it’s all about.

On a similar note, Evil Chavo (no relation to yours truly!) recounts his experiences about life in City Terrace, casting himself as a “Survivor from the streets of ELA“. It’s sad that surviving your childhood neighborhood is such a common thread when Eastsiders write about their life stories, but that’s just the way it is. Still, I’d like to see more Eastsiders jotting down some notes about life on the Eastside, it definitely helps to fill in the wide gaps in the missing history of our part of town.

One thought on ““La Vida Pronto Se Acaba”: Some Blog Posts On La Vida

  1. We had mariachis sing Un Puño de Tierra at my grandmother’s funeral and eventually we all started singing along. It’s such a melancholy song but it was sort of cathartic to sing at a funeral.
    I’m happy to hear French Benefits is safe. Her story blows my mind.
    I love Alice’s blog, I wish more folks would share their stories and experiences. It’s really important.

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